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    The Non-GMO Show

    in Health

    Change the Planet.  Change the Earth.  Change the Body.
    Join Hosts Lynn Rabins and Rebecca Gretz as they launch The Non-GMO Show today.
    The positve perspective of what we all can do to create change in our food shed

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    The Non-GMO Show

    in Health

    Today show will include an interview with "Perfect Fuel ChocolateGinseng" and their process of deciding:
    Organic/ Non-GMO Certified or Organic certified period. Hear why some company's make the choices they do.

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    Curious Times - Courtney Bibb, GMO Foods and Animal Testing

    in Spirituality

    Courtney Bibb returns to the show tonight to talk about a couple of topics she is passionate about. We'll discuss GMO foods and animal testing tonight. Feel free to call in with questions or comments about the topic.

    Courtney is a lifelong ET contactee who knows that there are other energy beings out there. Courtney is a clairvoyant medium who has been channelling since the age of 8.

    Courtney has conducted hundreds of paranormal investigations, specializing in missing person cases and intuitive readings.

    Courtney utilizes her intuition as well as such tools as Tarot Cards, Ascended Masters, regular playing cards, Angel Cards and more.

    Courtney is a Medical Intuitive and can Balance Chakras, Instruct Meditation, and is a Paranormal Educator and Researcher.

    Being a Pleiadian Light Worker, Courtney’s purpose during this incarnation is to help those in need of guidance. She believes that this journey will allow her to provide insight and to reach out to those needing help.

    Courtney’s client base is diverse, including teachers, lawyers, doctors, pastors, accountants, law enforcement and the general public.


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    GMO Crossroads: The Point of No Return

    in News

    To celebrate the airing of our 25th broadcast episode, tonight's show examines some of the highlights in previous shows and developments that have happened since. A discussion about everything from GMO labeling, to the global presence of agribusiness, to the frightening innovations under design in the biotech industry that may have serious impacts on consumers before another year comes to pass. We have seen good progress in consumer awareness and global action for change over the course of our previous broadcasts since first airing in January, 2013. But how much further do we have to go? Have we reached the point of no return? With planetary impact, climate change, and consumer health in the balance, find out how the link to GMO is affecting us all. 

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    Dr. Mark Armstrong continues with Part 2 - OMG what's a GMO and is it dangerous?

    in Motivation

    This week’s show, Dr. Mark Armstrong returns for Part 2, OMG what’s a GMO and is it dangerous?

    Dr. Mark returns with his expertise and knowledge learned from years and years of study in Naturopathic Medicine and other TCM modalities. He shares from his Spiritual soul with us about what we should be more informed about regarding what we are ingesting into our body temples.

    Dr. Mark will continue from where he left off last month. A gifted Doctor who is talented in multiple disciplines to ensure he provides the best to those he teaches worldwide. Always a student, forever a teacher. A friend to thousands.

    What are GMO’s, what effects do they have on our life, our body, our future? Should I be concerned about this aspect of food and what will it do potentially long term to humans? We will explore the GMO and GEO, Genetically Modified Organism and Genetically Engineered Organism. Interestingly enough this was a segment on The Doctors Show on May 18th 2015. There are 30 and counting Countries that does not allow food that has the herbicide Glyphosate applied? Why do we in the United States?

    A question he will answer for us – WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH OUR WATER SUPPLY. Learn this new surprising twist just when you thought you had heard everything there was to know about what is happening to our essentials of life and survival.

    Get ready for this intense and satisfying segment with my friend and mentor, Dr. Mark Armstrong as we discuss topics that are very dear to my heart. We must be aware and become educated about what is happening all around us.

    See you on the radio



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    What is GMO free seed?

    in Environment

    Join Southeast Green as we speak with Carol Koury, President of Sow True Seed.

    Carol is a life-long gardener, having spent her childhood summers in the 1940s and 50s in New Hampshire helping her grandma and family grow and preserve all the food she and her family ate.  She had careers in wildlife conservation and the women's health movement, before coming back to her gardening roots.  In 2009 she founded Sow True Seed, an open-pollinated seed company based in Asheville, NC.  Sow True sells 500 varieties of open-pollinated vegetable, herb and flower seed in the Southeast and throughout North America.  Carol’s passion is for helping people understand where their food comes from so they can be informed consumers.  

    In 2011 STS joined a consortium of family farmers, small seed companies and advocacy groups to challenge Monsanto's patents on genetically engineered seed and seeking relief for farmers who were being sued when their crops were unintentionally contaminated by upwind GE pollen.  We lost at the Federal Appeals level for lack of standing because none of us had been sued by Monsanto - but the Appeals Court did indicate concern about Monsanto's lawsuits and giving hope that farmer's seeking relief through the court system might have a more sympathetic ear (should they be able to afford going up against Monsanto)!.  

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    JP Apocalyptic Radio - GMO Foods & Monsanto Controversy

    in Entertainment

    Join the bad boys of the airwaves Thursday night as they throw their hats and opinions into the arena of GMO Foods & the Monsanto Controversy. You won't be disappointed. 

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    Grilliant Ideas Radio! It's All About Food and OMG...We Are Going GMO!

    in Food

    Welcome to another Foodie Radio Show like no other! We go where others dare to plow! 

    Join Grilliant, Brian, and Laury as we enter the land of food news and entertainment! Food For Thought and Recipes For Laughter!

    And Oh Yes!! This week Grilliant wants to rant about GMO's and why HE LOVES THEM! OMG~GMO

    Eat, Drink, and Be Grilliant!

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    GMO XXXPOSED featuring How to Eat to Live

    in Self Help

    GMO XXXPOSED: :How to Eat to Live from the teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

    Join your host  Nefertari Muhammad GMO & Composting Education Specialist/Worm Breeder who has been studying the depths of GMO for the past year also making and using Supreme Compost she will be also joined by  Co-Host Laurence Muhammad  YOU WILL NEVER LOOK AT THE FOOD YOU EAT THE SAME

    Have ever heard the acronym* GMO? Have you notice the fruits and vegetables don’t taste the same?
    Have you been experiencing unexplained dizziness, headaches, bladder problems, allergies, rashes, joint pain,stomach problem, mind fog and weight gain?
    Do you have tumors or have kidney problems ?
    Have you been to the doctors severe times and he can't explain why you are sick?

     Design to expose and educate the depth of the understanding of* Genetically Modified Organism.
    Learn what companies like Monsanto don’t  want to know.Let the truth be told, lies and deception about organic food unveiling true facts about GMO's and how it effect you and your family life's.

    To book a Health Eduaction Workshop contact Nefertari Muhammad Phone: 215- 8157025 or Email: compost4health@gmail.com

    Sponsored by Supreme Compost ....Reconnecting Through Education

    Also Laurence & Arabia's Best contact Laurence Muhammad (678) 467-0198 or email: brosincer114@gmail.com Like us on Facebook@blackagriculturesurvialexpo.com

    Also go to www.traveltime19.paycation.com


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    GMO Debate

    in Health

    Most people are a walking genetic mutation and its not GMO that caused it.  Tune in to find out what did.

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    Jeffrey Smith: GMO Foods and Your Digestion.

    in Health

    In this Digestion Sessions presentation, Jeffrey Smith -- author of Seeds of Deception -- reveals the truth about genetically modified foods and what they do to your gut. Topics include:

    * An insecticidal corn that pokes holes in the guts of insects … and yours too!
    * The FDA “lie” putting your digestive system in peril.
    * The weed killing ingredient linked to bacterial overgrowth, depression, and leaky gut.
    * Why mandatory GMO labeling is NOT the only answer to eliminating them from the food supply.

    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness.