The US Supreme Court and Church

Lawrence John

Lawrence John

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The issue: Protesting the funerals of a fallen US Serviceman. Besides being total Media Whores, what actual impact does the Westboro Baptist Church hope to have? Throughout the ages, we as a Country have asked our young men and women to defend its idealisms with an unwavering conviction. So what does it say to you, when a group of Miscreants, obtain United States Constitutional Protection and the blessings of the US SUpreme Court to defile, debase and degrade the memory of a loved one? Of a United States soldier; A protector of this Great Nation who gave their all in their finest hour, and sacrificed everything they were, without compromise or prejudice. What does it say for a system of law, that clearly outlines what constitutes "Hate Speech" and "Hate Crimes" yet, would allow what amounts a "Hate Speech" with their blessing. What can be done about this? What rights do you have? This will be the topic of our next discussion on - The Non Judicial Parent Segment of BlogTalkRadio.
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