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Lawrence John

The Non Judicial Parent


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The “Non Judicial Parent” is an open forum for any Parent, would be Parent, Single Parent, former Parent or even “Non Custodial Parent.” Here-to-for, and forever identified as "Non Judicial Parents." In the presentation of this program gender is not a prerequisite. This program is concerned with all current issues effecting Parents facing a legal arena, much like the Christians were made to face the Roman Empire. Topics of discussion will include, but are not limited too: Judicial Fraud, Corruption, Abuse of Authority, False Representation of Legal or Psychological Credentials. The required Education and Training for that chosen profession; or the lack of, when instituted in the Family Law Setting. The topics and discussions presented can be heated, as points are made, valid or not. But it’s the discussion that begins the change, and the meaningful conversation that starts a movement. It’s time is long over due, it’s time to force a change. Lawrence John is a publisher and the author of the book available at Amazon.com entitled "The Non-Judicial Parent." Before that, Lawrence was a Policeman in the United States Air Force, receiving several medals of meritorious service and achievement while serving with distinction, and volunteering his service for Desert Storm. Upon Leaving the Air Force, Lawrence then became a Policeman with the City of Indio, in Riverside County, California. He has studied Entrepreneurial Business Management at Boise State University. And can be found currently pursuing a degree in Legal Applications.

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