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Sovereignty: Can African Americans Run Their Own Country Within The U.S.?

  • Broadcast in Women
Host Naimah Latif

Host Naimah Latif


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All imigrants who come to America and establish business have a homeland they are connected to, from which they can import products to sell to U.S. residents. When African Americans complain that their neighborhoods are dominated by Korean and Arab run businesses, this is the reason why. There is no outside government providing products for African Americans and the ties with African nations have not enabled African Americans to offer common products at competitive prices in African American stores.  African Americans have often discussed separating from the U.S. and forming an independent nation in order to build an independent economy and establish independent schools. But is this group of people less than 20% of America's population more than 60% of the jail population,experienced enough for self government? How has having an African American President and African American members of congress and state government prepared African Americans with the skill to run a country?  The South seceded from the North and created a war. Could African Americans break away peacefully and start a new country withinn the U.S. Joining us today is Shaka Barak, President of the Marcus Garvey Institute. Later we'll be joined by Professor and Author Ezra Aharune, and we'll address the issue of Sovereignty.