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Urban Therapy with Sun #69 The Innocence of Adulthood

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Urban Therapy with Sun

Urban Therapy with Sun


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Yeah the innocence of adulthood. We're always talking about the way that children and teenagers can't be expected to know or understand certain things because they haven't been raised in a certain way or because they are just not mature or experienced enough to understand things yet. What about adults though? Have all adults been raised in the same way? Have all adults been raised by mature, traveled and experienced adults? If not then where are they supposed to get the wisdom from? What should there maturity level be? What should all adults know and at what age should they know stuff?

It's really easy to take for granted that everyone has already learned what we just learned as if we're are getting the knowledge or experience late. But we just learned it didn't we? So instead of expecting everyone else to know, why don't we just teach them instead or at point them in the right direction to be able to find out. We can try to be a little more patient too right?

Let's do this. Should all adults know how to and at what age should a person know how to:

Drive a car.

Do their own taxes

Book a vacation

Own a house

Give a decent haircut or do a child's hair

Understand what's being said or done at a medical examination or checkup

Cook decent and nutritious meals

Replace or fix an electrical outlet or lamp

Light a water heater or house heater

Have an orgasm or give one

Operate a desktop or laptop computer

Love yourself and your people. I mean for real this time, not just the cliche.

Understand how your vote works in politics.


Y'all get the point right? We expect each other to know these things and more but do we teach them? No? Then let's do so this time and anything else you can think of.

Come on man! Help out! Do me a solid! LMAO!!