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    Here we are again great news Mortgage Talk, followers our topic USDA, Rural housing: Housing Repairs Loans and Grants. That right. We will explain how to qualified for loans and the grants. Not all will qualified for the grant money USDA IS very strict here. You'll know the eligibility, terms of loan. Trust me this is "GREAT".
    You should tell your friends that are homeowners that need money for repairs and can't afford it, or cant qualify for a loan...REAL TALK HERE SUNDAY SHOW!!!!

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    Plumbing repairs and how not to get ripped off.

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    Plumbing repairs and how not to get ripped off.  With all the Plumbing and their plumbing actors out there, how does the Homeowner or Business protect themselves from the Commissioned non licensed Plumbing actor who comes to service your plumbing needs?

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    Profitable Rehabbing: Estimating Repairs & Updates from "The SC Rehab"

    in Real Estate

    This segment of our "Profitable Rehabbing" series is all about identifying what needs to be fixed, and what will those fixes cost. Few of us are experts in all aspects of home repairs, but truth be told, you don't need to be an expert in home repairs to succeed in the rehabbing business! We simply need to learn to become observant, and to develop the ability to accurately acquire ballpark repair costs in our particular market. Once we've ingratiated ourselves with this mindset, our purchase offers should never be over-inflated again!

    When you can accurately estimate repairs, your real estate rehabbing business, or house flipping business will begin to provide you with consistent, and very lucrative financial rewards.

    Estimating Repairs, updates from "The SC Rehab" and some faux pas from the same on this episode of Investor Zone Radio. Listen, learn how to rehab a house, and start profitable rehabbing - join us LIVE at 7 PM Eastern time!

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    PTRN-Circle Talk( Interfaith Awareness)/Pagan Music Project (Tuatha Dea)

    in Spirituality

    Pagans Tonight Radio Network presents:

    8PM CST - Circle Sanctuary's Circle Talk:  Interfaith Awareness - Join Deb Rose and special guests for a discussion on building Interfaith relationships on this anniversary of the signing of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. 

    9PM CST - Pagan Music Project: Tuatha Dea needs a NEW TRAILER in order to continue to tour and perform for our fans in the US!The Tuatha Dea family has come leaps and bounds in it's short life span and we never thought we'd find ourselves touring about the US (and beyond) when we started making noise 4 years ago...and 2015 is gearing up to be our biggest year yet! However, we remain self produced and self operated. This means skating by on a shoe string budget just to get to our fans. Our poor, decrepit borrowed trailer is now on its last leg (or wheel) and we finally have no choice but to upgrade to move our gear and ourselves if we are to continue to take what we do to our friends, fans and family about the states. The funds we are seeking will be directed entirely toward a new trailer capable of making this happen. Due to the amount of equipment and gear used to produce the Celtic, Tribal, Gypsy Rock experience we will be seeking to purchase a double axle 14 foot trailer that can move it all without the constraints and problems we contend with at present. Though we've made every show to date, breakdowns, flats, and constant repairs have been constant issues and we can't continue unless we upgrade. So we turn to you to help us make our continuing tours a reality.


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    Real Estate Property Management From Pain to Profit

    in Marketing

    Are you a landlord, a real estate investor, or a frustrated tenant who can't seem to get your repairs made timely and effeciently? Daniel Sturdevant of Bluff City Property Management in Memphis, TN, is our guest expert on ending the feud between landlords and tenants. He runs a successful real estate propety management company, eliminating all the headaches that Landlords face in managing real estate.

    If you are feeling the pain of property management, Daniel shares his system, service and expertise for eliminating those concerns. You'll discover ways he helps landlords focus on the appeaciation of owning rental property rather than on the pitfalls.

    Daniel will demonstrate why tenant complaints drop to almost zero because they have no maintenance concerns. His team operates like a well-oiled machine. If you're a property owner located in or outside of Memphis, an investor group or someone looking for an excellent property management team, don't miss this show.

    Daniel can be contacted at: (901) 495-2120
    Website: http://BluffCityManagement.Com


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    in Politics

    CLAYTON, Mo. — On Saturday, grand jury watch started to feel more like a hurricane watch here in the heart of St. Louis County.

    Workers scrambled Saturday morning to barricade police headquarters and other government buildings, residents grabbed supplies at a corner store and some shop owners finished boarding up windows. “We’ve never seen anything like this,” said Quentin Virgil who repairs shoes across the street from the St. Louis County Police Department. “The law office next door is boarded up. That’s not normal.”

    Nothing in the St. Louis area seems normal as the community anxiously awaits a grand jury’s findings in the case of a white police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown, an unarmed black teen. 

    Brown's death promoted riots in August, and there is a fear among some locals that another round of violence could cost lives and livelihoods.

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    Improving your Business by Improving Yourself with special guest Cheryl Rankin

    in Self Help

    Cheryl Rankin started Fit For Business, a business-consulting and training company to help small businesses that are stuck grow to the next level with a limited budget.  

    As a trainer, Cheryl has presented at national and international conferences on sales and marketing topics.   As a general manager in charge of turning around the sales and revenue of a downtown facility in Boston, she doubled the profit of the  Wellbridge Health & Fitness Centre.  She also led the team that increased the fitness membership from 200 to 3,000 in five years of the RA Centre, Ottawa.


    Fit For Business currently serves clients in numerous industries including: accountants, computer repairs, clothing design, manufacturing, human resources, personal training and specialty fitness programs.


    Hire Cheryl for an interactive session that will re-energize your participants and give them ideas and strategies that they can implement on their action plan to success.


    Fit For Business can help businesses get started and/or make the leap to the next level.


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    Renaissance Revolution

    in Current Events

    Renaissance Revolution

       Today on Renaissance Revolution the natural treatment for kidney stones, repairing holes in ceilings, and Ritual Satanic/ sexual abuse survivors. How to Not be a victim, how to project a positive future and not be a vibrational match for what you Fear. Don't forget to log in to the chat room on freedomizerradio.com and say "hi", to be entered into a drawing around Thanksgiving for colloidal silver or SilverBalm! Make it a Great Day!

       We are here to help you become a Renaissance man or woman, to take Every area of your life into your own hands and Ditch the middlemen! We're making common sense common once again....:)




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    the Helios Biblios hour book of the Sun AKA BIBLE / 432hz vs 440hz

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    The arguments can get pretty technical with proponents of 432 claiming that it resonates with the Heart Chakra, repairs DNA and restores both spiritual and mental health. There is even the suggestion that 432 tuned music stimulates the right brain, responsible for our most desirable human traits.432 Hz is said to be mathematically consistent with the patterns of the universe. Studies reveal that 432hz tuning vibrates with the universe’s golden mean PHI and unifies the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code and consciousness. When our atoms and DNA start to resonate in harmony with the spiraling pattern of nature, our sense of connection to nature is said to be magnified. The number 432 is also reflected in ratios of the Sun, Earth, and the moon as well as the precession of the equinoxes, the Great Pyramid of Egypt, Stonehenge, the Sri Yantra among many other sacred sites.

    But some claim that there is more to this than just preference. There are several blogs that claim that using a normal concert tuning of 440 Hz is bad for our health, but then what do you expect from something first promoted by the Nazis?

    The recent rediscoveries of the vibratory / oscillatory nature of the universe indicate that this contemporary international concert pitch standard may generate an unhealthy effect or anti-social behavior in the consciousness of human beings … There is a theory that the change from 432 Hz to 440 Hz was dictated by Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels

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    Demonstration! Witness First-Hand Live Session on 7 Layer Healing Process

    in Self Help


    In this, the 2nd of 2, broadcasts, Cathryn demonstrates, her signature, 7-Layer Healing Process.

    Witness first-hand how Sally repairs an old childhood wound then follows that thread back to its origin in the history of her soul. This, almost two-hour demonstration takes you right into the heart of this process and invites you to see the magic of this healing step by step, layer by layer.  

    This is part of Cathryn’s FREE, 2014 Conscious Living Series in which she is offering you a revised version of her signature, 7-Layer Healing Process. Tune in to learn how to rewire your brain, recondition your heart, reprogram your body, and reframe the purpose of your pain. Listen as Cathryn escorts her client through the abyss of this inner child/soul wound back to the origin in the history or the soul and orchestrates a healing that bridges the present with the past… takes failure to success.

    Free 15-Minute Assessment - call 612.710.7720. For more information on this FREE Series go to www.EFTForYourInnerChild.com/2014ConsciousLivingSeries


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    You are invited to LUNCH on B&G Auto!! Come celebrate with us and check out their new renovations and expansion, and grab some end of the year BBQ!! FREE LUNCH on B&G Auto! (Friday only...lol!!!)

    Also, get that estimate on those repairs, check out the vehicles for sale and meet Ms. Xavia Fox (if you haven't met me) and the owner of B&G Auto, Mr. Alverdis Alexander!

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