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  • "Working with Mediumship for Teens" with Author and Medium Ceryn Rowntree

    in Spirituality

    Tonight your Host and Medium Pamela Marie Edmunds will be interviewing Author and Medium Ceryn Rowntree.  They will be discussing Ceryn's book "The Teen Spirit Guide to Working with Mediumship."
    About Ceryn Rowntree;
    Coming from a spiritually open family in the North East of England, Ceryn has been interested in all things spiritual, esoteric and generally considered weird throughout her life.
    Having worked with Spirit since a young age Ceryn began formally practicing as a medium in her early 20s and in 2011 set up Aurora, a business aimed at spreading love, light and spiritual wisdom through healing treatments, spiritual guidance and workshops with her best friend Shelley.
    Ceryn is a qualified Counsellor and Reiki Master, and away from Aurora has spent almost ten years working in corporate communications, which she continues to do within the world of professional sport, allowing her to combine her passion for writing with an interest in sport. In her spare time, Ceryn is a fan of baking, gardening, pottering around little villages and their shops, spending time with her amazing family and friends and walking in the beautiful Northumberland countryside with her German Shepherd dog, Kali.

  • Elizabeth Summers - Number 7, JOY through Acceptance, "tapping" and EFT

    in Spirituality

    Show Topic: Number 7, JOY through acceptance, "tapping" and the Emotional Freedom Techniques.
    Join Master Esoteric Numerologer, Elizabeth Summers, for her weekly radio show, The Magical World of Numbers.
    Elizabeth shares her knowledge and expertise in the areas of Numerology, Astrology and Tarot to provide a comprehensive and inspirational show.
    About Elizabeth Elizabeth is a Medium and Esoteric Numerologer, offering her formidable psychic talents and extensive study of ancient wisdoms to help fellow travelers towards a more enlightened and peaceful path. As a Spiritual Counselor and Esoteric Numerologer since 1988, Elizabeth Summers combines Numerology, Astrology, and Tarot interpretations to help others achieve a greater consciousness, clarity and peace in their lives. In addition, as a gifted Medium and Psychic Intuitive, messages from Spirit and loved ones are brought into her work to bring comfort and guidance to her clients.
    For more information about Elizabeth and the services she offers, visit her website: www.themagicalworldofnumbers.com


    in Spirituality

    On tonights episode of the Way Walker Radio Show, we are discussing SEDITIONS AND HERESIES of all types and how it is impacting the church today. God is not pleased with the disease of sin in the church and while the church may point the finger outwardly, the problem starts from within! We will be dealing with the issues of What it means to be an involved with these works of the flesh in this day and age and how it affects the Body of Christ (the CHURCH) today!!...These are things that the Way Walkers are not afraid to discuss! No topic is taboo! Lets come clean about these topics that are often misunderstood! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EPISODE!! CALL IN LIVE 917-889-3226

  • Embracing the Tiger with Randy Ferguson

    in Spirituality

    Please join us in welcoming our guest, Randy Ferguson, for tonight's show on "Embracing the Tiger," a dialog with techniques for how you can dismantle the mechanics of self-judgment.
    As an international corporate trainer, Randy has facilitated top-level leadership trainings in Mexico, Bangkok, Germany, Spain and extensively throughout the U.S. His clients have included Ford, Gerber, Mazda, United Airlines and multiple branches of the US Government. In his professional career, he has led over 1,000 seminars on leadership and personal development.
    Randy is also the author of the best selling book, Outrageously Fulfilling Relationships … a collection of 26 uncommon but vital insights from his syndicated column, Focus on Relationships.
    Randy is in his 36th year of leading personal development seminars and is the founder of the Love, Courage and Achievement Project … a weekend and 7-week program offered in Denver, that effectively helps people through the barriers that have held them back … and propels them toward the creation of an extraordinary life.
    To learn more please visit LCAProject.com and RandyFerguson.com.

  • Nu Ankh Radio Cultural Forum

    in Spirituality

    Join Goddess Trey Brother Haru and Brother Kedar as we discuss our-tory, spirituality, and the esoteric knowledge of the ancestors. We hope you can join us in this gathering of minds. May we rekindle the greatness of our ancestors in everything we do.

  • Kroeze Sisters 'LIVE' at Girlfriends 'Lioness Arising' CONTINUES Chapter 8

    in Spirituality

    Join the Kroeze sisters Tammie and Debbie for a Bible Study teaching out of the book "Lioness Arising" by Lisa Bevere. If you are following along in a book we will be on Chapter Eight (8).
    As always there will be extra features, beauty tips and more.
    Tammie (Kroeze) is a national pageant winner and life-coach, speaker, singer and writer.
    Debbie (Kroeze) is a spa owner, skin care specialist, wardrobe coach, massage therapist singer and speaker.
    They will be joining their longtime friend and co-host Tami Salts.
    Recording LIVE from South Everett Community Church at a group they call "Girlfriends, all girls, all ages, all joy".
    Come be inspired, uplifted and reminded of your value!!!


    in Spirituality

    June 3rd  2015 – Pat Frascogna and Patricia Bullock Williams
    Pat Frascogna is the Mississippi attorney who represented John Burroughs in his attempts to secure his disability income due to injuries resulting from exposure to an unidentified craft that had landed in Rendlesham Forrest near the Bentwater Air Force base in England.  Pat Bullock Williams will relate the Rendlesham incident to us and Pat Frascogna will relate what he can of the case and its outcome.

  • It is Your Mind?

    in Spirituality

    Last week we did a show on the power of thought? This week we are going to be talking about the Mind. It is your mind? What do you do with it? do you rent sapce in your head to other people or to the out er world? If so what is in control of your mind? Who is in control of your mind? Most of us do not realize how to operate the mind. A mind that is controlled by anything other than you is a mind that is out of control? What if ever thought carried the seed of creation with it? If this is so then you will know why your life is the way it is! Our lives reflect what is in our minds? A mind is a very changeable thing and we can direct it in any manner in which we so choose. Do you direct it or does it diredct you? Join Liara Covert and Steven Hairfield, an American Monk LIve and join in the discussion.

  • Building a Spiritual Practice Brick By Brick

    in Spirituality

    Originally aried on 12-11-2013
    Join internationally known clairvoyant, Dr. Lauren Cielo, owner of Golden Rose Psychic Services for another great episode of Golden Rose Psychic Radio brought to you on the Women's Movement Radio Network!
    In this episode, Dr. Cielo discusses how to create a fulfilling spiritual practice and path. Learn more about these techniques and call in during the show to get a Free Psychic Reading!
    Don't forget, during the show we'll announce the Coupon Code for our BLOOMING ROSE special. Once you hear the code, go to Golden Rose Psychic Radio’s Facebook Page for the link to purchase this week's special.
    And you may be the winner of this week’s FREE PSYCHIC READING. Click HERE to enter contest and gain access to our hidden webpage full of even more FREE STUFF!
    Golden Rose Psychic Services is po

  • Zoe Niclaus: Psychic Medium

    in Spirituality

    Zoe Niclaus joins the show tonight to take your calls!
    Zoe is a life long medium and transformational healer.  With over 20 years in the healing arts, Zoe specilizies in clairvoyance, psychometry, astral traveling, psychic mediumshipand more. Call 323 657-1493 to ask a question! Like Zoe's Facebook Page and book a session with her here! You can also contact Zoe directly at: Email:     zoe.niclaus@gmail.com Contact: 310 651-1545 Zoe on Facebook:  Click here!

  • Simplicity Welcomes Psychics DC Love and Lori Connell with Special Guest Jordan

    in Spirituality

    DC Love is a channeler, healer and empath. As an “old soul” with a gift of channeling loved ones from the other side, she communicates with loved ones who have crossed and with the angels, having “been to heaven a few times.” With a background in karate, kung fu, law enforcement, private investigative work and as a wife and mother, her mission is to “help people in a loving way.” DC Love believes that “the best is yet to come.” doreen3537@aol.com
    Lori Connell, is a Psychic Empath, Intuitive Tarot and Therapy/Flower Oracle card Reader and Healer. She has been featured and was (voted) in the "Top 75 Healers in the U.S." 4-Stars **As listed in the directory of "Psychics, Mediums and Light workers" (2014). Lori has appeared on Blogtalk radio as a Host and has been a guest, on other radio shows, as well. Lori has a connection with plants and animals and uses her abilities, to provide accurate readings, where Spirit and her guides come through. She also enjoys sketching pictures and writing poetry. Lori only works in the Divine Light and only sees truth through her passion, to help others. To contact Lori for a reading,..visit her website and her social media pages. loric1024@gmail.wix.com. Lori Connell-LoriC on FB. LoriconnellLori on Twitter. Lori Connell on Yahoo, Yelp and LinkedIn and google+.
    Plus the awesome Jordan Fall Forest!
    Simplifying your world with your host Brian Treybig.  We bring you helpful topics, free tarot readings, psychic experiments and special guests weeknights at 9pm central.  Call in to speak with the host 646-478-3271
    Follow us at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/simplicityradio
    Like us at https://www.facebook.com/simplicityradio 
    If you would like to advertise with Simplicity message us on Facebook or email us at briantreybig@gmail.com

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