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Reiki Radio | The Reiki podcast that supports YOU and your practice! Join in the exploration of ancient teachings and esoteric principles. These are REAL conversations to support your journey and inspire your own intuitive insights. You will ask yourself new questions and deepen your understanding of what it means to BE and live your spirituality. Opinions and views expressed are those of the Hosts and Guests. Application of recommendations or techniques are at the Listener's discretion. Journey in LOVE! xo

On-Demand Episodes

If you're curious about working with crystals or understanding the significance of the Divine Feminine, you're going to love this episode! I had the pleasure of interviewing Nicholas Pearson, author of Stones of the Goddess: Crystals for... more

A System of Awakening | Your Relationship to Reiki: Recent guests on the podcast inspired many questions from listeners, including how to choose the ?right? teacher, how Reiki can be used and what I think of the system from my... more

Michaela and I met in Shinpiden training, facilitated by Frans Stiene. On this episode we discuss how healing her relationship with feminine consciousness changed her life, her focus on supporting families with Reiki throughout the... more

In recent years, Reiki has been introduced into hospice care, soothing the emotional and physical discomforts of transition, and it has been accepted as a mode of alternative healing to support many patients in oncology wards... more

On this episode of Reiki Radio, you will hear the story of one of my teachers, Arjava. He shares his experiences with Reiki, including the first, which left him thinking that Reiki was "boring". He later realized his soul was touched in ways... more

We are woven into the fabric of all life, which brings us into relationship with all things. But how do you navigate the relationships that hit so close to home - the relationships with loved ones and the relationship with yourself? On today's... more

Healing Heart and Mind... Reiki is much more than a hands-on-healing technique; it is a system that can be used to support personal development and realizing your true nature. On this episode you will learn how Reiki Precepts, and other... more

Change can be uncomfortable, but it can also support your process of healing. Today's special guest, Alyson Lyon, has welcomed change in ways that many of us fear. We discuss how redirecting her path, several times, supported... more

Reiki Radio | Sacred Space of Your Home and Being, with special guest, Amanda Collins, Celtic Priestess and Feng Shui Expert. On this episode you're asked to consider how your life experience would shift by recognizing your body-temple... more