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Saving Superwoman


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Calling all Superwomen!!! Come learn strengths & strategies that will support Superwomen living balanced happy lives. Free Success Road Map can be downloaded at http://www.savingsuperwoman.com

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Ever felt like your brain is in a fog? We have, and it happens to all of us from time to time. The good news is that we can boost or bust our brain's performance by choices we make! It's Brain Awareness Week 2013 (and Lynette's... more

With February 14 just around the corner and all the expectations we attach to cupid's bow, let's take a moment to stop, drop and rid ourselves of the trap that we set for ourselves. Join the Saving Superwoman team and feel the love.

...that is the question, and your choice! With a 1,000 pound elephant name Resolution sitting on your chest, the beginning of a New Year can be doubly stressful, if you let it. Join the Saving Superwoman team as they discuss... more

The world seemed to stop when the first reports of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting were aired. A collective gasp could be felt and the overwhelming grief settled over us all like a blanket. How could this happen? Why?... more

As we move into the holidays, the songs are filled with 'peace on earth' yet the season is often anything but peaceful in our own lives. From to do list tasks left undone to family traditions and pressures, how can you find your own peace... more

Forgiveness is the key to setting yourself free from the past. It is the key to reducing a large amount of stress and strain in our lives. But... "it's so hard." But..."it doesn't work for me." But..."I don't want to let them off the hook." But..."I... more

When things don't go as planned, most Superwomen default to self blame first...the coulda, shoulda, woulda's that, if their cape had been on correctly, could have been easily avoided. Join the Saving Superwoman team as we talk about... more

As a Superwoman, you put so much on your plate with goals to achieve success in every role of your life, and sometimes while it looks great on the outside, you are barely surviving racing from one task or deadline to the next. In... more

AAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! Feel good? Or bad? Join the Saving Superwoman team as we explore the strategic use of screaming.

From the way we put on our pants, to the way we drive our car...our life is a system, and some systems work better than others. When a system is broken, change becomes necessary...and that's when the struggle begins. Join the... more