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Calling all Superwomen!!! Come learn strengths & strategies that will support Superwomen living balanced happy lives. Free Success Road Map can be downloaded at http://www.savingsuperwoman.com

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Have you heard of "Power Hours?" Join the Saving Superwoman team to learn how to establish, and use, the Power Hour strategy to help you get things done! Visit www.SavingSuperwoman.com to learn more about how Lynette... more

One step forward, two steps back... Is that how you feel about your To Do list? Do you crave starting a day with a blank To Do list and ending it with everything done? Are you beating yourself up daily for everything that is STILL on your list?... more

We all want something...happiness Many of us when asked what we want will say things like happiness, abundance, health or success... but what does that really mean? Before you can claim it, you've got to be clear on what it looks like... more

Is "because" acting on you like kryptonite on Superman? Join your Saving Superwoman team to remember or discover that you are in control of what follows the word "because" in your thoughts and speech. This can make a powerful... more

Did you ever have those days when you have it all planned out and you've got it all together, and then... human "monkey wrenches" catapult your certainty into chaos?!? What can a Superwoman do to keep it all together - physically,... more

If you are like many people, April Fool's Day was a fun day to trick others while avoiding being the butt of the joke. Tricks, tricks everwhere...mostly good humored ones on this annual day of sillyness. With tricks on our mind, the Saving... more

We've all experienced it...those few seconds when a situation or a words emotionally highjack your brain and whirl you into a mental tailspin. That 'oh crap' moment that freezes you in your tracks, gets those dukes up or gets your feet... more

It's Lynette's birthday! And today Melanie is going to interview her to share her story and the journey that she has experienced over the last 44 years. What's in it for you? Through the stories of others, you have the opportunity to re-look... more

From creativity to implementation, your brain plays a role in it all. Yet, too often it's in a fog. Listen in as your Saving Superwoman team share strategies and techniques to brush away the cobwebs and prime your brain for success.

In the battle between cheese cake and willpower, the sweet treat will almost always win. Same with getting off the couch, or making that sales call, or having the crucial conversation that could transform a relationship. So if willpower is... more