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Saving Superwoman


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Calling all Superwomen!!! Come learn strengths & strategies that will support Superwomen living balanced happy lives. Free Success Road Map can be downloaded at http://www.savingsuperwoman.com

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When they say,"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade," I just want to make a sour face! When they say, "Just think positive." I am so full of negative energy I could short circuit the power grid! What do you do when those "helpful... more

Last week, the Saving Superwoman team provided an amazing gift of time for those listening to the call, and the challenge to take action in the direction of a desire goal or outcome. Did you? Is so, congratulation. If not, why not? Explore... more

Don't you just love presents? Then the Saving Superwoman team has a pretty awesome one for you.

Superwomen are busy (yes, we just used the B word). But (eek, another B word)... is the movement connected to the busy moving you towards your goals or just making you dizzy from the spinning? Today, the Saving... more

How often do you take a deep breath, or three? Take off your cape and join us to explore the power of breathing, and investing time to assess where you are and where you want to go, so you can live a healthy life filled with passion, joy and... more

Lynette is flying solo today and is answering some of the many questions she has received about hypnosis and NLP. Listen in to discover more about these strategies and how they can become powerful allies in reaching your dream life.

You know the feeling, The moment the word, "No" comes out of your mouth, the little voice in your head screams, "What a terrible person. They really need your help. How could you say no? How selfish are you? ..." and the cascade of guilt... more

Last week, the Saving Superwoman team explored the concept of value, and the emotional and physical price we assign to ourselves. After all, how does one feel valued while scrubbing toilets, wiping running noses or sitting in another long,... more

We examine the worth of many things every day... the shoes we buy, the meals we consume... always looking for the best value for the price. But have you ever looked at the price you've placed on yourself, the value your placed on your... more

When was the last time you pulled out your play book and reviewed the rules by which you live? When was the last time you investigated your rules and asked where they came from, who wrote them and why you continue to allow them to... more