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The Dump knows his days are numbered.  It'll take an act of God, an intervention by a UFO mother ship or total amnesia OR mass hypnosis to "stave" off what is coming  ----  AND  -----  make no mistake  ----  it is COMING!
Trump supporters, your man --- (& Pence --- 'cause he's hip-deep in this sheep dip) --- is headed for the "exits".  All the handwringing in the world will amount to nothing!
Trump & his organization are the greatest money-laundering operation of all time!  They've been operating for OVER 40-years!  They've done business with virtually every "scumbag" crime group known to man!
The roosters have come to roost!  The Special Counsel - Bob Mueller - now has virtually all the financial information he needs to nail Trump's balls to the wall.  Trump makes the Corleone family look like an organization that is still learning to ride a bike with training wheels. The only "Deep State" that exists is Donald Trump's underground world of corrupt financial dealings.  And we're not even counting the ungodly + corrupt Israeli diamond mine owners that are tied closely to Jared Kushner & family.
40-years is a long time but when you "fly too close to the sun" --- you best believe you gonna get your ass burned!  Trump was doing fine just playing the big-time "punk" that he was his whole life but then --- what the fuck does he do  ---- he decided to run for President of the United States. Then the game changes. There's an infinitely more "complex" set of dynamics this new world brings with it.  
Now, you're putting your "dirty laundry" out in public square for everybody to peruse.