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    The Stories Shaping Terrorism

    in Psychology

    Individuals and groups that morally justify the killing of innocent people live by stories that have certain commonalities. These story elements derive, in part, from our evolutionary heritage and include a strong belief in tribalism, the role of the male as warrior and protector of family and tribe, the role of females as the support of the warrior and the source of new life for the tribe. Another element in the story involves some type of holy person, shaman, witch doctor or cleric who makes clear the morality of the tribe and justifies its actions in the name of some sort of god(s) or other higher power. When the tribe is seen as always superior to all other tribes, when men must always be fearless warriors, when women must always be supportive and docile to the will of men and when various emotions are forbidden to be acted upon or are so repressed as to not even be spoken of to oneself the seeds of various individual and social pathologies are sown. We will discuss how the repression of fear in men, desires for independence in women and various aspects of sexual desire are elements involved in terrorism. 

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    The Sun Shines in Florida, so Why so Little Solar?

    in Environment

    Today we will talk to reknowned Southern energy expert Stephen A. Smith, DVM who is the Executive Director of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE). Dr. Stephen A. Smith has 30 years of experience effecting change for the environment and has been leading SACE since 1993. SACE is a not-for-profit working to promote responsible energy choices that create global warming solutions and ensure clean, safe and healthy communities throughout the Southeast. SACE has grown to be a premier voice for energy efficiency and renewable energy issues in the region.
    Dr. Smith currently serves on the U. S. Climate Action Network board of directors and previously served as board chair. He also serves on the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Regional Energy Resource Council, which advises the TVA Board of Directors on energy resource activities in the Tennessee Valley region. In the last several years he has served on the North Carolina Legislative Commission on Global Climate Change and the North Carolina Climate Action Planning Advisory Group; the South Carolina Climate, Energy and Commerce Advisory Committee; State of Florida Energy Supply and Demand Committee of the state Climate Action Team; the national governing board for the Center for Resource Solutions’ National Green Power Accreditation; and the US Department of Energy, Tennessee Valley Electric System Advisory Committee. Additionally, he served two terms on Tennessee Valley Authority’s Regional Resource Stewardship Council, TVA’s Green Power Marketing Committee, and TVA’s Integrated Resource Planning Advisory Group. He has also had the privilege to testify before the US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee; the Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight of the Committee on Public Works and Transportation, US House of Representatives; the Great Smoky Mountain Congressional Caucus.

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    Creation Care Champion: Gary Harris

    in Environment

    Gary Harris tell us his Creation Care Story 

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    Becoming A Man - A study in improved outcomes for urban youth

    in Psychology

    Please join me for another episode of Discussions with Delia as we examine a successful program in Chicago that has improved outcomes for youth in that city.  Although the term is not used, the principles of mindfulness are used to encourage young men to think more and not respond automatically.  Let's discuss this interesting article on the next exciting episode of Discussions with Delia at 3 p.m

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    Intro Ways to Embrace Your "Inner Shaman"

    in Science

    Ways to Embrace Your "Inner Shaman". Self Healing, Meditation, Animal Spirit Medicine, Crystal Healing Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Survival Tips & More...
    Hosted By: Shaman Raven RedtailHawk JaGuar Xi

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    DrBraulio Dias on "From The Top" with DrCal

    in Environment

    Dr.Braulio Dias on “From The Top” Thursday, June 23, 2016 3PM EST
    Musicians for Biodiversity Inc. “Update’: this week on Thursday at 3PM EST our guest will be the Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity.
    . This is the time of year when we have a conversation with this leader to get some understanding of where we stand.We will speak about the targets set in 2011, that must be reached by 2020 with United Nations decade on Biodiversity 2011-2020..
    I have a group of artist who support the effort to bring awareness to Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss.
    “From The Top” is part of the way to engage everyday people to “do what they can where they are.”
    We need real answers! Join the conversation and see where you can be a part. This is not for Scientist and politicians, this is for real people who care about the future, find out what this is really about. The interview will be recorded live, so you can call in to ask a question or make a comment.
    DrCal Host “From The Top”

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    Coven of Consciousness: Welcome to the Coven

    in Energy

    Welcome to the Coven of Consciousness, hosted by Yolanda. This is a space to share experiences in the journey of transformation. For information about Yolanda and the Coven of Consciousness, visit covenofconsciousness.com

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    Prehistory Talks: Mark Berry

    in Science

    We're interviewing Mark Berry, author of Dinosaur Filmography!

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    in Medicine

    the disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body.
    "he's got cancer"
    a malignant growth or tumor resulting from the division of abnormal cells.
    plural noun: cancers
    "most skin cancers are curable"
    synonyms:malignant growth, cancerous growth, tumor, malignancy; More a practice or phenomenon perceived to be evil or destructive and hard to contain or eradicate.
    "racism is a cancer sweeping across Europe"

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    Save Energy, Save Green

    in Environment

    Mike Baruch Tucson Electric Power’s Residential Energy Efficiency Program Manager
    Being energy conscious year-round creates efficiency that can help you to lower your electric bill. It just makes sense: The more you reduce your energy use by using energy efficiently, the more you can make a difference that you can see on your monthly bill — and for our environment. Do you suspect your duct-work may be leaky? Have you considered having a qualified mechanical contractor test your home for duct leakage? And if so, did you know that TEP offers customers incentives of up to $450 for duct sealing available through select contractors participating in TEP's Efficient Home Program? Join us to find out about this program and a myriad of other energy saving tips, programs and available rebates that can help you become a more responsible and money savvy home owner.  This show made possible due to the generous support of Tucson Electric Power.

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    Great people we should know

    in Science

    we have so many great people that have been forgotten. Henrietta lacks and John
    Brown are two of them. I hope tonites
    show will  enlighten our spirit and motivate more research for all those
    That came before us and  enriched
    our lives