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    The Governor's Build Montana plan calls for a $200 million dollar investment of cash and bonds in 2017, to fund roads, bridges, water systems, and school improvements.
    Bullock is also proposing the creation of the Build Montana Trust, by using 75% of the revenue going into the state's Coal Tax Severance Fund, setting it aside for future infrastructure needs.
    It's the same mechanism that created the Treasure State Endowment Program and Rural Water Projects, two sub-trusts that will mature next year earning enough interest to fund projects in perpetuity.
    Bullock said addressing the state's crumbling infrastructure will be his number one legislative priority in 2017. 

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    Michael C. Ruppert- Transition, Occupy, Prepare for Collapse

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    Michael Ruppert has warned us before. He's warning us again now.
    In his first book, Crossing the Rubicon (2004), he called out the arrival of Peak Oil and the violent chicanery of global governments (including 9/11 and the Iraq invasion) to grab remaining fuel supplies.
    Two years later he urged his lecture audiences to get ready for a crash of world financial markets, which took place in 2007.
    Confronting Collapse - The Crisis of Energy and Money in a Post Peak Oil World (2009) prompted film maker Chris Smith to produce the documentary "Collapse - The Movie" www.collapsemovie.com
    In this 48-minute interview with co-host Daniel Kerbein, Michael Ruppert minces no words: We've begun a fast decline of world oil supplies. This brings declines in goods, transportation, even food supplies. Start growing food, start getting ready. Collapse is at our front door, now.
    In Ruppert's view, the situation has gone from bad, to worse, to worse than bad. Confronting Collapse presented a 25-Point Program for Action. Today, he shakes his head. "Too late for that now.' That was before the disruption of the Gulf by BP and the destruction of Japan by the Fukushima reactors.
    The best way to serve others today is to bear witness to the disruptions that are coming and become emotionally, spiritually and physically prepared.
    In a recent posting on the Collapsenet.com web site, he offers the best words of hope he can muster:
    "...a new Golden Age is coming. Before a new house -- one that includes a safe place for all life -- can be built, the old one ...must be completely destroyed and defeated. It will achieve the fulfillment of its death wish. It will be satisfied with nothing less. There is no easier, softer way. Embrace the death of the old that you may experience, participate in, and rejoice in the birth of the new."

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    Demonstrate To Educate: The SWFlCleanWaterMovement

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    Environmental activism on social media , without a doubt, works! But not unless the same energy and commitment to awareness,  education and speaking to power is transferred to the general population by public demonstrations will these environmental messages be heard . Today we have the pleasure and honor of speaking with John G. Heim - SWFLCleanWaterMovement based in Ft.Myers Beach , Florida.  John has been an avid environmental activist for most of his life ; John's dedication and level of energy displayed in the fight for clean water in Florida is phenomenal.
    John Heim went to Congress in 2015 to talk about the devastating effects on the environment by the Lake Okeechobee discharges . John was also recognized in 2014 by the United States Great American River Association as a River Champion.  He is an Economic Tourism Activist with the Michael DeCarlo Foundation ~ an arts summer camp for children , called The River Kids, this program teaches young people to care for their environment and health of their rivers. John's mantra is Demonstrate to Educate.  Actively working for clean water as a basic human right is something John Heim has been working on since he was nineteen years old when he met his mentor and wonderful lifetime friend, Jo Finney; together they formed the SWFLCleanWaterMovement.

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    Jimmy Betts - Life Artist

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    The only radicals out there are those who believe these myriad human movements can be kept separated. ‎Intersectionality is ‎Reality. Life Artist Jimmy Betts is one such radical, living in greater simplicity and fighting for ecological justice on a planetary scale. He also teaches and learns self- and community-resiliency practices including action mobilization and confronting injustices of all forms.
    Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes Jimmy to the show Tuesday, Feb. 10 at 11 am Eastern Time. We will talk about the many climate movements taking place across the world and Jimmy's support for several of them last year, now and into 2015. We will also discuss his dedication to living passionately.
    For more informatoin or to contact Jimmy to to his Facebook, Twitter or  blog . Please follow @Talkupy_Radio on Twitter and visit the show web site at Talkupy.net

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    Dr Simon Atkins~ "The Next 1 Year Out: Opportunities & Threats"

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    Join us as our special guest Dr Simon Atkins covers  "The Next 1 Year Out: Opportunities & Threats" 

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    Replay of David Gibson Interview by Itself

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    WWR will play our extended interview with the Chief Officer of Mountaineering Council of Scotland (MCofS) — David Gibson. MCofS recently published a manifesto establishing their position regarding onshore wind farms… http://www.mcofs.org.uk/lps.asp The British Mountaineering Council is also backing the MCofS manifesto. Combined, the two organizations represent almost 100,000 individual members.

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    John Noel, Board Chair of SACE

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    The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy is a non-profit dedicated to wokring for our clean energy future. Working in Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, SACE is providing leadership and creating collaboration on some of the Southeast's most hot energy topics. Join us as we talk to John Noel to dicuss the vital work SACE performs.

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    compartiendo en radio

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    Hoy a la 100 pm , hora pacifico, azulvital radio estara transmitiendo en vivo, para todos sus seguidores y amigos

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    Unlearn Your Pain

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    Our guest today – Howard Schubiner - works with a Mind Body Medicine Center where the focus is on helping people overcome chronic pain as well as anxiety, fatigue and depression. Most people don't realize that cutting edge neuroscience has demonstrated that learned nerve pathways that can be “unlearned” primarily cause these conditions. His book, Unlearn Your Pain, contains the science behind these concepts as well as a 4-week program to retrain the brain for healing. Howard also recently contributed a chapter to the StandardAlternative Medicine Textbookthis year.  Howard Schubiner is the MD Director at the Mind Body Medicine Center, Providence Hospital, Southfield,  and the MI Clinical Professor at the Wayne State University School of Medicine Pager  -- Find today’s guest at:www.unlearnyourpain.com … and the hosts at: www.Brummet.ca

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    Forks Over Knives, Overpopulation & The Clean Cuisine Diet

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    Join us for another lifechanging show! First Dave interviews senior staff reporter Andy Revkin from The New York Times about world overpopulation, a critical topic that many people seem reluctant to address. Revkin is the lead blogger for The New York Times' environmental blog Dot Earth. Then Dave speaks with Lee Fulkerson, the writer/director of Forks Over Knives, the new documentary everyone in our circles seems to be talking about. Forks Over Knives clarifies the undeniable relationship between nutrition and health, and shows the tremendous potential of abandoning the traditional Western diet for plant-based whole foods. From the film: "Diet is so much more important than anybody ever thought." "To me, the answer [to America's unnecessary health crises] is so simple it's criminal: it's people starting to take responsibility for their health and eating more plant-based foods." On a similar topic, Dave interviews Ivy and Dr. Andy Larson, co-authors of The Gold Coast Cure: the 5-Week Health and Body Makeover, A Lifestyle Plan to Shed Pounds, Gain Health and Reverse 10 Diseases. Ivy Larson has multiple sclerosis and has treated it effectively by eating foods that reduce inflammation. Ivy and her husband Andy share with Dave about their Clean Cuisine Diet.
    For more information, visit www.nytimes.com, www.forksoverknives.com, www.cleancuisineandmore.com, www.barleans.com, www.healthylivingmag.com, and www.greenpatriotradio.com.
    Thank you, as always to musicians John Lee Hooker, Jr., Lukas Nelson, and Phillip Boone for allowing us to play their tunes on our show.

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