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Nicole Mikula

Stepping into Consciousness with Nicky - Nicole Mikula


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I teach Kripalu yoga and meditation. My passion is to talk about consciousness and what it means to step into consciousness. My group page "Stepping into Consciousness" and my blog postings at www.steppingintoconsciousness.com all discuss stepping into consciousness and what it means to live a conscious life. My book "stepping into consciousness" will soon be available.

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In this 45 minute guided meditation move from conditional love into the unconditional love of your true nature. Explore the following questions: What are we afraid of? How do we strip the fear out of our love? How do we nurture our... more

In this 45 minute meditation I will be bringing together yoga asana and visualization to bring awareness and balance to each of the 7 chakras. Have a yoga mat ready and be prepared to move into chakra related yoga postures.

In this 45 minute yoga practice I will lead you in nadhi shodhana pranayam and then guide you into some simple yoga postures that focus on connecting to the nourishing, nurturing qualities of the earth and the forward fold and then end... more

In this 30 minute guided meditation we will explore the frontal lobes, the pituitary and pineal glands, the crown chakra as well as chakras 8 and 9. By bringing our awareness to these centers we help free the pineal gland so it can do the job it... more

In this 30 minute guided meditation I will discuss our 7 chakras and associated 7 senses: 5 primary senses and 2 extrasensory senses. Our senses provide us with information that help us perceive the world as safe or unsafe, benevolent or... more

The Nadi Shodhana or Channel Purifying breath is the perfect pranayama to cool down when it's sizzling hot outside or when we feel overwhelmed by all the activity around us. This 15 minute guided pranayama (or breathing exercise) will... more

This 30 minute meditation will help you connect to your Loving Mind so you can co-create with the Universe an outcome you will love; one that will be in line with your life purpose. This involves tapping into your Loving Mind where Ego is... more

This 30 minute meditation will help you heal what you need to heal by helping you connect to who you truly are.You are not your ego, your brain, your thoughts or your gender. Feel the peace, joy and inspiration that comes... more

This 45 minute guided meditation will bring you to a place of calm and healing as I help you balance your 7 primary chakras and build awareness of your frontal lobes. As we become more aware of the parts of our brain responsible... more

With guests Phyllis frost: fitness advisor and Nancy honigman: image consultant we will discuss fitness, fashion and presenting our best image within the context of consciousness.They will discuss their upcoming workshop on fitness and... more
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