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Liberal Moderate Democrats get shellacked in November 2010!!!

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back America! They must lead the new Congress coming this January! 1) reduce taxes on everyone and open the conservative party to everybody 2) eliminate the so-called Fairness doctrine and promote positive outcomes for the American people! 3) reduce unemployment insurance to no more than 13 weeks and be compassionate on needed basis only 4) Vote the liberal democrats out of office with their divisive politics and racial politics, be constructive and include everybody in the conservative big tent. 5) repeal obamacare and reduce capital gains 6) Repeal Obamacare and the death squads 7) Conservative Republican Victory last November 8) Bush tax cuts stay in place forever unless we go to fair tax! 9) Estate tax will be reuced from ten million to one million dollars , now it was set back to 50 million 10) Barrack Obama, the man from Kenya is not qualified to be president. 11) I support tax cuts, I am a staunch Ronald Reagan conservative. By cutting taxes, you encourage and promote wellness and sense of accomplishment, people and businesses to take prudent risks to stimulate the economy and grow the economy. i support this bill, but it will not hurt me to suffer tthrough two more years to vote all lying democrats out of Office.Socialism fails when we run out of money. Once its found out he's not eligible to run or hold office, any and all laws he implemented will be invalid, null, and void. The truth always prevails in the end. The left leaning liberal yellow egg sucking dog democrats, socialists Pelosi, Reid, and Hussein Obama , religious zealots, and communists all Lie to the vey people they say they represent ! Liberalism, is a mental disorder! The ends justify their means to democrats, mafia leaders, communists, and all well meaning socialists like Obama!!!! The truth will come out! Obama care must be repealed. Let Obama veto override healthcare, the death squads will be on his hands!!!!