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Conservative Politics by a dynamic speaker about current political topics and what the Republican Party needs to do to get this country working again!

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1 hes smarter at foreign affairs 2 Putin has long term vision 3 Obama is ineffective lameduck potus 4 Putin has Chinabacking him 5 Putin knows Obama is weak and a girlie man 6 Putin does not fear Obama 7 Putin is calling the shots... more

1 irs abuses 2 obamacare 3 nsa abuses, 4 Iraq war invasion by muslime zealots 5 Obama worst Potus ever 6 fast and furious 7 poor democrat leadership 8 Obamas push to socialize america fails 9 dumb Obama policies 10 Democrats all... more

1 Veterans are being turned away from VA system 2 Vets are on death panel waiting lists 3 Vets die before their treatment is due 4 Vets who earned priveldges are told they make too much and not allowed to apply for their benefits 5... more

1 Modi wins in India 2 Modi is pro business 3 Modi cares for his people 4 Modi will do wonders 5 party of corruption and cronyism after 67 years is ousted. 6 India will be a force reckoned with in ten years 7 creativity is about to be... more

1)party of 67 years ousted 2 india has i.5 billion people 3 modi is pro business 4 Modi is new ronald Reagan 5 Modi will lead his people to greatness 6 party of democrats ousted

1 Y does african american community support Obama? 2 Obama is no friend of theirs. 3 Nigeria's are happening all over the world! 4 Obama is inept at Foreign affairs 5 The world knows he's inept also. 6 Putin laffing at Obama 7 Syria is a... more

1 bugs are sma;l 2 kamakazis 3 windshield is designed to crush them 4 are u the bug or the windshield 5 how do u handle stress 6 who moves ur cheese 7 what would u do if america had a civil war
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