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Conservative Politics by a dynamic speaker about current political topics and what the Republican Party needs to do to get this country working again!

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1 Be a poll watcher 2 support true the vote campaign 3 liberal democrats are cheaters 4 require voter OD 5 write letters to editors 6 call in radio shows 7 do a radio show 8} create your own blog 9 speak out at election board hearings 10... more
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1 bugs are sma;l 2 kamakazis 3 windshield is designed to crush them 4 are u the bug or the windshield 5 how do u handle stress 6 who moves ur cheese 7 what would u do if america had a civil war

learn german get to know the people eat their food drink their beer take train to Paris see all the sights work in germany start an internet business once there

are u planning to start a business do you have enough capital where is funding coming from talk to your family for a business loan contact sba for microloan be a capatalist pig work hard sell your business start another business.

obamas vacations mochelles vacations security for potus add s up america still doing great despite poor leadership

merry well pay your bills on time invest in real estate travel often pray or meditate enjoy your family graditude

1 foor shortages 2 gas shortages 3 dumb leadership 4 100 percent inflation 5 no value for individuals 6 loser leaders 7 dumb leaders

1 cleanu up your debt 2 spend less than u earn 3 Invest what u have left over 4 make your money work for u 24/75 change your relationship with money 5 govt dont really care bout U 6 start a business 7 srite a book in two weeks 8 promote... more

1 you can manage your own money 2pay yourself 3 U dont need da govt 4 you hate cubicles 5 you have to work with liberal democrats who think they know everything 6 work is same old routine and dull 7 u create and exciting work... more

1 clean up ur debt 2 be the change your looking for 3 make the change now 4 get off the couch 5 exude confidence 6 get inspired about life and passions 7 have many passions 8 listen more and be the friend and u will attract friends
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