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Mastery of Weight Loss

Alternative Way to Lose Weight


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Mastery of Weight Loss show is a 15 minute show about an alternate way to lose weight. You will learn ways to keep you on track. I am very passionate about helping people get and shape and letting them know I care. I've been in your shoes and I know exactly how you feel. Let's go on this journey together!

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This is a big one and women you know exactly what I am talking about. What can you do to lose weight effectively when you are 40 and above. Don't worry! It's not a sentence of never losing weight again. Take a listen to todays show for... more

This is a huge questions I get and hear all the time. There isn't a set answer for the question. Listen in on todays show while I discuss "When Will I Start Losing Weight."

So many ask the question of "How can I lose weight quickly?" This isn't an unsual question because when you go on a weight loss journey you want to lose weight fast. You want to look good as quick as possible. The question should be... more

Everyone craves at some point or another. Some people crave more than others. Everyone craves different types of food. How do you stop your cravings? How do you control your cravings?Take a listen to today's show for some ideas.

This is very important and I may get some people that may think this is some crazy stuff. I promise you it isn't. You have to change your subconcious so you can change you self-image so you can lose weight. Take a listen to the radio... more

At some point everyone faces a plateau. Your goal is to try hard not to get to that point. I will give you some tips to avoid plateaus so you can continue with successful weight loss.

So many people have the perception of healthy eating as tasteless boring food. That is not the case. You can lose weight and still eat delicious food. It's about tweaking and alternate cooking.

Do you know what is really holding you back from weight loss? Have you taken a complete inventory? As you may or may not know, I promote permanent weight loss. It is important you figure out "What's Holding You Back From Weight Loss?"

I was in a forum last night and read through a couple of post and became frustrated with some posters to a thread. I believe there are some people that can ruin your weight loss attempts if you are not careful. Question the people you... more

Today's show is about failure when it comes to weight loss. Take a little time to listen to the show to get some pointers.