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James Miller | Lifeology is a 30 minute weekly inspirational radio show and #podcast dedicated to teaching practical life lessons. The concept of Lifeology (study of life) asserts that there is always a lesson to learn in life. We are all linked by our ability to express and feel emotions but the scenario in which it is experienced will be different for each person. What sets Lifeology apart from other radio shows is it's not just a simple interview like other talk shows. This show has different teaching segments which all relate to the theme of the show. Since James is licensed psychotherapist, with over twenty years of experience, he will teach you valuable tools and techniques that you can easily apply to your life. Each episode also features a guest who has had relevant life experiences in which it changed them or taught them a valuable life lesson. Tune in to learn how to simplify and transform your spirit, mind, and body.

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Many of us go through life not realizing how special we are. Often we look at our peers and feel like we don't measure up, like we are normal. We all have something that is uniquely special, designed just for us. Some people's talent... more

We all strive to be a healthier person, but often fail to understand the true meaning of a healthy life. Symmetrical living is having all component of your spirit, mind, and body working in a fluid, synchronized fashion. Each part of this perfect... more

Many people are told they should forgive someone for something they have done. What many people may not understand is that yes, forgiveness can absolve perpetrators from what they have done to the victims, but it really releases the... more

Many of us have been told we shouldn't feel a certain way, we should get over something and move on, or even that real men don't cry. I'm not sure the origin of this, but nonetheless it's what is often taught. One of the amazing things about... more

Anytime we have internal or external conflict we are using a thinking errors. Thinking errors are the lens we use to create our perception. Our perception becomes our belief. Our belief causes us to have certain thoughts which then... more

We will all go through a season of crisis in our life. Situations will happen in our life that we were not expecting. When we emotionally forecast our life, thinking that what we feel and are experiencing today is what we will... more

We often look at our life and are sometimes disappointed with certain habits we engage in. We have this idea of the person we'd like to become but often it seems unattainable. We've tried to make changes in our life but have become... more

Mental health is, just as it sounds, the health of one's mind and emotions. We all experience things that cause us to experience mental health struggles. Like the physical body being ill, so too can our mental health become sick. Some people... more

The old cartoon photo of a little angel and devil sitting on our shoulder is a great analogy for when we allow certain attributes, actions or thought patterns to influence our life. It's important for us to be able to recognize our true voice... more

The belief system we create as children becomes the template we use to navigate the world as adults. It's necessary for each of us to analyze what our core beliefs are to see if they are hindering us from becoming the person we desire to be.... more