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    The End of Public Education as we Know It

    in Education

    Looking at how the president-elect is stacking his cabinet, what is in store for public education.  A look at his education pick.  Charter schools.  Privatization as a strategy.  Stay tuned.

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    in Education

    Simple, yet 3 mind-blogging and thought-provoking questions parents of teens must be asking themselves.

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    CJDS RAdio

    in School

    Final Show with CJDS 5th graders

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    Part time solidarity

    in Education

    Are part time workers at any of the big 3 automakers in the uaw, actual union members?

  • 00:10

    Courage to Change- NFL & Hernandez

    in Education

    Commentary on Aaron Hernandez and what kind of Patriot is he. The NFL, teammates and the viewing public knew that Hernandez did not honor or respect NFL rules for socially acceptable behavior. He openly displayed guns and fought in public. How many opporunities were there to alte his behavior and maintain his performance as a poductive citizen and football player?

  • 00:16

    Common Ground 2012 Reflections

    in Education

    Teachers attended Common Ground 2012 Conference in Baltimore Maryland share their experiences

  • 02:59

    Black Whole Thoughts We The PEOPLE....C...

    in Higher Education

    We want to talk about the modern possibilities the Technologies give our enemies. Quantum Computers, Preditive computers, Data Mining, Zettabytes, qubits, Big learning, Cointellpro, Oracle, the expodential growth of technology  and how it affects the resistance that is going on...

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    Open Discussion

    in Higher Education

    I will be taking calls from guests who want to ask questions or comments about issues we need to take as a people to achieve and success in our society.

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    in School

    THe Emma Series is finally here in its entirety. Joining Emma Has a Dilemma! which teaches Nouns and Pronouns is Emma Jane Goes On A Plane! which teaches Metaphors and Similes, Emma Beams During A Wonderful Dream Which teaches Superlatives and Comparatives and Emma's All Gloom As She Cleans Her Room! which teaches Conjunctions. Emma and the Always Whimsical Wizard Jake teach these lessons in grammar while flying on a plane in thunder and lightning in Colorado and while Emma who is a bit messy cleans her Room. This duo takes you on adventures in Grammar that are fun and educational. Through the repetition of reading these glorious four books Children 4-8 can learn grammar. It is a tremendous teaching tool because the characters of Emma and Wizard Jake are so endearing.

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    test 3

    in Training


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    in Higher Education

    Come hang out with hosts Truborn Understanding and B-asia Introducing artists GWE Freddy The Prince, Freddy B, King Zeether, Trey P, & DT. They will be here tonight answering questions you want to hear. Callers are welcome to ask question or add a comment, also bringing to u music from these artists played on our show. We got a special introduction freestyle rapping from Yours Truly host Truborn Understanding.

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