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  • Scott Hunt of Practical Preppers with The Prepping Academy on PBN

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    Scott Hunt of Practical Preppers! Host: Forrest Garvin "The Prepping Academy" on American Preppers Radio!  Monday 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/
    Scott Hunt is a sustainable living design engineer. He specializes in off-grid water and energy systems. His expertise in mechanical engineering combined with good old-fashioned know-how gleaned from experience “on the farm and in the woods” has enabled him to draw closer to that goal of a fully sustainable lifestyle. If he isn’t installing a prepper system for a client, speaking at a conference, consulting via the phone, then you will find him in his shop tinkering on the next cool project... Read more HERE!
    Visit our own chat room HERE!
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     AUTHOR JOHN ARTHUR LONG ON HIS NOVEL " THE MEAN"  ....."The Mean", an incredibly well-reviewed novel combines a thriller plot with a public high school background and explores the nature of true learning against the best and worst of public education

  • The Free American

    in Education

    I'm NOW seventy one. I look at the time behind me in terms of decades rather than years.  Events occured in such rapid succession that the years blend together. I have faithfully researched, reported and transcribed events, personal encounters and interviews with many men and women who have, through their books and words, made a difference in our world and have helped shape our collective futures in some way. The evidence is here. Intelligent, honest Americans know the corruption I have pointed out in my magazines, websites and radio shows. Hillary Clinton was part of the problems that led to the murder of the 17 little children and their parents in Waco, the reason I helped start the Militias! I saw how the Clinton/Bush crime families have maneuvered and ripped off Americans since they killed Kennedy and Johnson sacrificed over 50 Thousand of my Brothers in Vietnam. That oath I took in 1964 had no expiration date and that is why I supported the Militias.

  • How Just Touch 360 is Changing the World

    in Higher Education

    Since 2007, Just Touch 360 has nurtured our communities youth and provided them an opportunity to unleash their inner potential. Whether you’re interested in becoming a professional athlete or entering a health-related career, we’ve got options that are suitable for everyone.  Just Touch 360 has ancillary services and more all under one roof.
    Join me as we talk about how JustTouch360.org is helping Students, Parents, Schools and Businesses. 


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    SCIENCE EDUCATION: LEARN ABOUT " THE MOLECULARIUM" AND THE NEW APP..Dr Richard Siegal from Rensselaer's Nanotechnology  Center has been with us before. Have your students enter the world of molecules, fun and easier than ever with the new app

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    Modern STEM influencers A2Z - K is for Kent McDonald

    in Education

    Kent J. McDonald uncovers better ways of delivering value by doing it and helping others do it.  His more than 15 years of experience include work in business analysis, strategic planning, project management, and product development in a variety of industries including financial services, health insurance, performance marketing, human services, nonprofit, and automotive. He is active in the business analysis and agile software development communities helping people share stories about what does and does not work.  He shares those stories at beyondrequirements.com, techwell.com, and projectconnections.com in addition to presenting at and helping organize several local and international conferences. 
    He is co-author of Stand Back and Deliver: Accelerating Business Agility, a book that brings together immediately usable frameworks and step-by-step processes that help organizations deliver business value and build competitive advantage.
    His current project is  Beyond Requirements: Analysis with an Agile Mindset. Available on Amazon.com - http://amzn.to/1rkYKUf
    Other Writings:
    Article: What Are We Building Again? http://www.projectconnections.com/articles/070507-mcdonald.html


    in Education

    CODING AND CHILDRENS TECHNICAL EDUCATION...Krishna  Vedati, founder of Tynker.com on the importance of STEM Learning at an early age  with an emphasis on "language instruction, i.e., the language of coding.

  • Saint Viator High School Entrance Exam for the Class of 2022

    in School

    A key step in the admissions process for prospective students in the Saint Viator High School Class of 2022 is the entrance exam. The exam takes place approximately one month earlier than usual this year. With the December 2nd date approaching, prospective families are invited to listen in as Saint Viator Director of Recruitment Jason Kuffel discusses the exam, how students can best prepare, and the purpose and scope of the testing.

  • Episode 1684: Street Smart Shop Talk

    in Education

    Whether you are from “the sticks” or “the bricks”, discuss the latest topics in the fire service with the crew of S.A.F.E. Firefighter, LLC. We’ll talk about how strategies, tactics, and current events effect YOU on the fireground.  We want you to be a “Smart, Aggressive, Fundamental & Efficient” firefighter. “Get It Done. No Excuses.”
    Talk firefighting and training with members of S.A.F.E. Firefighter LLC.
    More: http://www.safefirefighter.com/

  • Am I My Brothers Keeper

    in Education

    Am I My Brothers Keeper
    The Robert Drakes Media Network

  • WDR Presents: John Robb, DVM

    in Education

    Join Wolfdog Radio Hosts George Stapleton and Sky Phoenix for an indepth discussion with Dr. John Robb.  Throughout his career Dr. Robb has held an unwavering commitment to pets over profits. He has experienced first-hand the toxic effect of the drive for productivity and profitability on animal care. His unwillingness to observe the unspoken “rules” among veterinarians that emphasize protecting the vet over protecting the pet has earned him the love and respect of pet owners. While some in the industry want to silence him, he has become a voice and a leader for the many animal care professionals who want to live their passion and provide the very best in care to our animal companions.

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