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More Bad Habits of Leaders

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Flo Mauri and Mia Turpel continue the discussion on how bad habits are manifested in the workplace and how they impact engagement and productivity.  We continue with these bad habits:

  • Failing to give proper recognition.  How to make it a weekly practice.
  • Playing Favorites - Do (possibly unconsciously) you reward those who heap unthinking, unconditional admiration upon you (suck up)? 
  • Failing to express gratitude. Dale Carnegie said that the two sweetest word in the English language is a person's name.  However, one could argue that it could be the words "thank you."
  • Punishing the Messenger: Attacking the innocent person bringing us (bad) news.
  • Criticizing solicited feedback.  If you ask for feedback, and you receive it, and don't like it, do you criticize or defend it?
  • Not listening and being the "know it all". Do you behave impatiently or are you reading your smart phone instead of listening?

Recommended Reading:  "What Got You Here Won't Get You There - How Successful People Become Even More Successful" by Marshal Goldsmith.

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