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Spiritual Causes of Anxiety, Depression and Suicide

  • Broadcast in Health
Dr Karen Kan

Dr Karen Kan


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When I was in medical school, the "chemical imbalance in the brain" theory for depression was all the rage. 

but the more I saw my clients, and even my own family members struggle with medications, the less I started to believe it. Then I interviewed Kelly Brogan about her extensive research onhow nutrition and gut healing can balance hormones and treat the underlying causes of psychiatric issues and it just solidified my experience. 

Not only do we have nutritional issues contributing massively to depression and anxiety, we have cell phone radiation (ya, let's microwave our brains while we sleep with the cell phone next to us....NOT!), and since delving into entity clearing work its come to my attention that spiritual issues cause or contribute to many if not most psychiatric diseases.

With one deft entity clearing, a person can go from being suicidal to suddenly not being suicidal!

Yet, beyond entity clearing, there are other spiritual issues that underlie symptoms of anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation.

In this self-hosted episode, I'll be exploring what these issues are and what to do about them.  Then we're going to be doing a group energy activation to help clear and balance these issues.

And because I've promised to do at least one radio show a month with free healings, here's your chance to get some energy healing from me!

In the second half of the show, I'll be doing energy readings and clearings on people calling in and people on the chat.  So if you've never had a chance to get a healing from me or finances have blocked you from being able to purchase my spiritual healing packages, this is a great opportunity to ask for some help!