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The Truth About Selling

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Quick. Without using Google, can you guess which personal trainer is worth $200 million and is the 2nd biggest distributor of bison meat in America?

Picking the right product, Ford says, requires the following 5-step process.

1) Find out what products are currently hot in the market.
2) Determine if your product fits that trend.
3) If it does, you are good to go. If not, follow steps #4 and #5.
4) Come up with me-too versions of several hot products.
5) Improve them in a way by adding features or benefits lacking in the originals.

Success in sales means overcoming inner, emotional resistance.

"Money," as Dan Kennedy explained, "is attracted to the individual operating free of guilt or shame. People with inferiority feelings about their information, expertise, or business activities are at a profound disadvantage. They subliminally communicate their guilt to others and unconsciously sabotage themselves."

That's selling. But in a much more politically correct definition, I suppose.

Listen, even Jesus had to sell. First he sold (sorry, "persuaded") his disciples on going out and spreading his word. Then he persuaded the thousands of people that would attend his sermons on the mount. He sold the beggars and the prostitutes on believing in the word of God. And sure, sure, he had the fact that he could perform miracles on his side, but aside from that "minor" advantage, he was still out persuading every day.

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