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Author, teacher & philosopher, Rob White hosts an energetic and enlightening 1/2 hour of empowering self-discovery. Rob teaches a practical method that you can use to achieve any ambition. Rob is the founder of Mind Adventure, Inc., a company that offers seminars, workshops, blogs and books that help you realize your incredible potential.

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Learn how to Think The Unthinkable... (1) examine all of the results that you are getting from life and dare to take responsibility for everything. (2) Better results come from improving your re-do's (3) constant and never ending improvement... more

Count your blessings and accept life's plentiful bounty. When you learn how to say, "Thank you! More Please" to happiness, success and abundance, life will dish up some more! Life's program for you is upward toward prosperity... more

Life never plans a negative program for anyone. When you put on a facade you are going through life with a convoluted act. You are here to experience your Authentic Self. When you drop your torturous act, you perform with the freedom... more

If the ‘Self' you awaken to has you dreading yet another day, you can can deliberately create the 'Self' you want to wake up to. What is the ideal ‘Self' you would choose to be if you decided to awaken to a new you? What... more

You learn what you teach. There is no better way to learn something new than to teach it to others. Share what you learn and sinks deeper into your own mind. Do you want to be Kind? Joyful? Peaceful? Prosperous? ... You must share these... more

When you decide to create yourself anew, you can be sure that howling voices from your past will arise to resist you. Expect opposition from the world voice and from your own Self-Talk. Learn how to notice any negative voices that try to... more

Your Self Talk determines your mood and attitude. A negative attitude is like low octane fuel--it has you sputtering through life. Here are some tips to create "triggers" that can launch an uplifting attitude so you can rise above the world's... more

Whenever we allow others to place labels on us, we allow them to place limits on us. When we are label free we are limitless. Learn how you can remove any painful labels that have you living below your unlimited potential. Our Authentic... more

Learn how you can embrace an attitude of WOW (Wonderfully Obsessed with Winning.) You will be amazed at how easily WOW can replace NO and WOE. When you say WOW with enthusiasm, it elevates your disposition to a soaring... more

Has anyone ever told you to, "be reasonable!"? Whenever you hear these words take a moment to look deeper. It often takes "being unreasonable" to get what you truly want out of life. If you limit your aims and aspirations to what is reasonable... more
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