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Author, teacher & philosopher, Rob White hosts an energetic and enlightening 1/2 hour of empowering self-discovery. Rob teaches a practical method that you can use to achieve any ambition. Rob is the founder of Mind Adventure, Inc., a company that offers seminars, workshops, blogs and books that help you realize your incredible potential.

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The subconscious cannot be weighed or measured.

You are a conscious thinker living in a subconscious world. When you begin living from awareness, it becomes much easier to make your dreams come true. Planet earth offers us life in living color and 3D, and when you were born, you... more

Did you know you posses two minds? That's right. Everyone has a Winning Mind and a Whining Mind. The Whining Mind is always trying to run your life. Learn how you can choose Winning over Whining and live the life you deserve.

You are worthy of all that is good and beautiful. Break the trend that has you moving in the wrong direction. Learn how to make a Marvelous Denial on all the lies that are holding you back. I had to Marvelously Deny that anger is the... more

Will Power is not enough. Learn the incredible power of Subconscious Conviction.

?You've just proven something important to yourself,? I'd say. ?If you can break a board with nothing but your bare palm, you can easily break through limiting beliefs that stop you from achieving your lofty goals. Aim for it and thrust... more

E.E. Cummings said, ?Do I dare to be myself? To be nobody but myself in a world does that does everything it can to make me like everyone else is the hardest battle any human can fight.? Well, I'd begun the fight. This is a true... more

This is the true story of kindness and compassion that has become a transformational moment in my life. Candy out, penny in. Life was simple as a young lad of 8. However, on this particular day my heart pounded... more

I've traveled all over and met and studied with them all: Tony Robbins, Louise Hay, Ram Dass, Deepak Chopra, Ken Blanchard and on and on... And then I met Margaret—an unknown guru who gave me an insight that opened my... more

I made a HUGE mistake! I let somebody else decide what is right for me. Now, I share the leson I learned and how I corrected it. Learn how you too can rewrite any negative circumstance into an opportunity for growth, development and... more
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