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Author, teacher & philosopher, Rob White hosts an energetic and enlightening 1/2 hour of empowering self-discovery. Rob teaches a practical method that you can use to achieve any ambition. Rob is the founder of Mind Adventure, Inc., a company that offers seminars, workshops, blogs and books that help you realize your incredible potential.

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This week on WROAR we examine a wonderful truth a mom is sharing with her child. This truth has the power to live with you, and will motivate you with every thought, every word and every act that flows through you. If you take this advice... more

We examine the primal force that dampens your confidence and destroys your personal initiative – your fear of rejection. Learn how you can rid yourself of the pain of rejection, and therefore rid yourself of your fear of rejection. With... more

We have all felt the sting of rejection before. Part 2 with our special guest will help you see the true source of your own feelings rejection. No one can reject you ... except you! If there is no craving for acceptance, there's no fear to... more

By living with ‘aware-absence' of your usual struggling self, you are able to observe the inner contradictory tyrants that pull you this way and that way. No one can reject you when you say YES to your own deliverance – delivering... more

The secret is out. If you wish to empower yourself to the fullest, you must transform yourself – you must let go of the false version of self that has been controlling your attitude and action so that the authentic you can shine... more

How can life be a daring adventure if there is not a degree of uncertainty? If anyone makes you any promises of a completely predictable future - be wary. An adventurous life is a life filled with lofty aspirations and aims in all domains - the... more

Everyone loves Self-Improvement, yet something often seems to be missing. As part of your program for outrageous success - dare to choose Self-Transformation. We hear about Self-Improvement often. There are... more

How are you to achieve your dreams in life if you sit on your duff and do nothing? Right results are a consequence of wrong action that has been corrected. Achieving excellence with anything new requires having breakthroughs –... more

Learn to look at everything you own as a resource that supports you with your noble aims and aspirations – everything! This point of view is very empowering. When you see everything in your life as a resource that supports... more

To be chosen to be a master, you must choose to be chosen. Mastery is a very practical expression – to be a master requires a deep conviction to achieving excellence, and a commitment to do whatever it takes to meet this... more
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