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"The Man Cave Forum" Three hosts enjoy sharing life's experience and the perspective that each brings to the situation or topic.

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We are all shifting and changing. The recent rare Star of David/ Star Tetrahedron opened portals of energy that will result in many changes. Our dreams will be manifesting. However, our sense is the dreams are those of the heart and not... more

Recent events have stirred discussion about racial prejudice and many other factors. The President of the United States offered his comments. We do not want to debate the facts but we prefer to look at what is being discussed and what... more

There are many of us that are changing directions in life. The change could be beyond our control or they could be our choice. Maybe the recent downturn in the economy caused you to change life directions. Maybe you recently retired. What... more

We all want to feel this way. Is it possilbe to be liked by everyone? I am sure we have know a person who we say, "everyone like them." We want to discuss this topic as it has many fascinating aspects to human nature. Are you a pleaser so... more

We have many sacred sites that can not be explained. It is possible we have help from the Universe? If so, why are they not here now? What would we do if visitors from afar suddenly showed up? We want you thoughts and feedback here... more

Light workers have known about the shift that has and is taking place. The shift is continuing and what use to work no longer is working. So many are asking, "Why am I here - now?" We will explore this simple question that I am sure will take... more

What is change? What can we expect with the changes? These are just some of the questions many people feel deep inside them. We have heard the people feel like they are in limbo. Well, our sense is this is about to change. Embrace the... more

Our guest tonight is Karrie Wallen who wrote and published a book, Out of the Darkness. In that book she explored a variety of Labyrinths in Central California. She emerged as a changed person and with Kathryn Leeman has... more

Last weeks program experienced technical issues, therefore, we are going to start fresh with this topic on our April 24th program. What type of dreams do you have? What is the difference in dreams - night - day - life? What is the... more

Tonight we explore the 3rd, 5th, and other dimensions of "reality." Our show will be informative and controversial.