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"The Man Cave Forum" Three hosts enjoy sharing life's experience and the perspective that each brings to the situation or topic.

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I have felt recently like there is nothing for me to do on a personal and spiritual level. I have gone through life with many battles and challenges but now it feels like limbo but it is not. Many people look around and everything appears to... more

We have experienced a significant shift in these past few years. The current year (2013) has been especially interesting. I have heard someone describe 2013 as a year of a constant full moons. How can observing a spider cross your living... more

I have heard many people express a sense of being disconnected from people and life. What is going on? Are you feeling the same? If feels like everyday is Halloween. We will share our personal experiences and observations that seem... more

We all feel pain when a romantic relationship does not go the way we were hoping. It is common to say "love hurts." We do know that love is love and is not painful. So what pain do we associate with LOVE HURTS? We want to explore... more

What is truth? We always hear about searching for the truth. The dictionary defines truth as quality or a state of being true. How do you define truth for yourself? There are many cultures that hold certain truths that do not make... more

The recent of events in Syria may foretell something larger than what the media is discussing. Is it possible there is much more to these events than we may understand at this time. Join the conversation on THE MAN CAVE FORUM at 7... more

The events in our life can appear to be random and without importance. Well, maybe not. Recently your co-host Albert experienced some amazing activities in his life. Tonight he is going to share with us the events in a day of his... more

There are many circumstances in the world that we only experience through the media. If we are aware of circumstances that we would want changed if it was in our own backyard what is our obligation to work for change. Join us... more

In our program "Everything in my life was created for me by me" we discussed the concept that we are co-creators in our journey through life. Well, lets take it to the next step - co-creating with whom and how. Join in the stimulating... more

Do you feel like you have no control over your life? Do you believe that things just happen to you? Are there others who control what is happening in the world? Are you thoughts and feelings creating the reality you are living? Do you want... more