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The Man Cave Forum

The Man Cave Forum


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"The Man Cave Forum" Three hosts enjoy sharing life's experience and the perspective that each brings to the situation or topic.

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Have you heard many times in your life? - "It must be karma." What is it? Is it real? Is there any thing we should know about it? Why do bad things happen to good people - is this karma? How is it created? Are our karmic issues different... more

What is channeling? Are there different forms of channeling? What are the pros and cons of seeking counsel in channeling sessions. Your hosts will share their personal observations and experiences. If you have not experienced channeling... more

As we move into new energies here and throughout the Universes we are experiencing and discovering many new aspects or our selves. What is this all about. It is just fantasy or myth? We want to explore what is being discussed in... more

Have you ever had an experience that you could not explain other than it was a date with destiny. St. Michaels' Mound in England was a place that Albert will never forget. He had an experience that will give you goose bumps. Join us on... more

Albert and Lanny took us on their wonderful journey to the south of England in their search for the new Camelot. They discussed each day's journey and experiences. They tell me they have only share with us about 10% of their... more

Albert and Lanny are off the UK in search of the New Camelot. When they return they will share their adventures. If they are like our past adventures their experiences will be magical and life changing. Tune in for our next program on... more

Albert and Lanny are off soon to the UK. What is there intent for this trip? Setting Intent is taught my many self-help gurus. It is a wonderful concept but why do so many good intentions seldom come to fulfillment? What is the key to... more

In past programs we have talked about a local area we go to become closer to nature and other life forces. We call this special place our "Enchanted Forest." Any one can find this special place - any where you are in the world. We will... more

As we move closer to the end of 2012 there are many different perceptions as what this means to mankind and the planet. Is the "end of time", "the end of the world", or something else? There is new information that has come to light. We... more

What are grids of Mother Earth? Your hosts have had many experiences with grids of Mother Earth and we want to share our experiences. I believe you will find them fascinating and fun. There is so much to talk about from many different... more