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    The Truth About Being Single w/ Guest - Kemi Sogunle

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    #TNT 080: Many singles in their ferocious pursuit of love and happiness, end up looking for love in the wrong places. Today's Guest began her journey to becoming a life and relationship coach after her separation and a painful divorce, which led her to soul-searching. And through discovering herself and healing from her past, Her mission in life is to support single men and women who are ready, to find who they are after a broken relationship or divorce, heal from their painful past experiences, learn to love themselves and develop positive and healthier relationship habits. .
    Join The Queen of Expression - Alex Okoroji LIVE on Friday Radio Special, 28 October 2016 @ 9pm GMT | 10pm WAT | 11pm CAT | 2pm PST | 4pm CT | 5pm EST | as she chats in an unfiltered conversation with Multi-Award Winning Author, International Speaker, Relationship Coach & Founder of "Love Not Hurt" - KEMI SOGUNLE live from Maryland, USA, as we explore how to to gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to be single and live a purposeful life.
    Feel free to Join the Conversation. Call In LIVE via +1 (215) 383-3766 and press "1" to speak.
    Today's Show Is Sponsored by THE NAKED BLISS ACADEMY.

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    Discussion with Guests on the Latest News and Developments on the RV/GCR

    in Motivation

    In the last few seeks there has been a number of  new posts on the internet regarding new developemnts on world finances and the RV/GCR.  Dave will have two of his friends, Karen Mahoney and Pam Worthy as guests as well as his assistant Blanca discuss these issues.   There has been a lot of disinformation posted and they will discuss the pros and cons of such statements.  They will have a round table discussion regarding these issues.

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    Dr. Arlene Drake: Toxic Love Secrets

    in Relationships

    Arlene Drake is a psychotherapist specializing in trauma recovery and a pioneer in the field of adult survivors of sexual abuse. Her groundbreaking new book, Carefrontation: Breaking Free from Childhood Trauma is a powerful roadmap that helps survivors break free of all the lies, secrets, and shame of the past to reclaim their genuine self.
    Dr. Arlene has long been a passionate crusader for victims’ rights and has been featured in media outlets including the Los Angeles Times, People magazine, Newsweek, USA Today, and ABC World News Tonight.
    She teaches how to heal the wounds of a miserable childhood by coming to that child as a compassionate adult with the heart and mind and guts to rescue it, and show it how to grow up. Her website is www.arlenedrake.com.

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    There is Life After Layoff Show with Host Ali and Guest Deberah Williams

    in Goals

    Welcome to the There is Life After Layoff Show with Host Ali and Special Guest Deberah Williams, Credit Counselor, Financial Planner, Founder/Owner of A Fresh Start LLC  www.afreshstartllc.com
    Episode Title: "A Fresh Start"
    In this Episode join Ali and Deberah as they discuss how to plan your way to restoring and building "A Fresh Start!" 
    The opinions expressed during this radio and podcast broadcast are for inspiration, information and motivational purposes.
    This show is a production of Up2Me Radio and to learn more visit us at www.up2meradio.com
    Enjoy the Show!  Like us on Facebook at Up2Me Radio and Follow us on Twitter @Up2Meradio

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    STONED LOVE: Interracial Relationship Issues

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    Nobody can tell you who and how to love. But sometimes there are more differences than there are similarities.  In a world where lines can't be defined by black and white as easily as in the past, can there be a true love connection?  What about the children who may or may not experience issues with identity?  Would you date a person outside of your ethnic group, please share your experiences.

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    What Do God's Gifts to Us Look like?

    in Motivation

    Nothing is as it seems or as it is seen. We are here to growth, through every avenue that we are living through. We make choices and our choices give us glimpses of who we are and why we are who we are. God is with us always and there is never downtime with God. It is all about the reasons we are here and what we are caught up in, brings us to how we can do what we came here to do. Do you notice the God's gifts in your life? How does noticing them affect your way of living and why does it matter? Tune in and Join in on the Conversation, Tomorrow Morning at 5:30 AM, PST! 

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    Min. King Samir Shabazz: Black Survival General Civilization Class

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    Min. King Samir Shabazz: Black Survival General Civilization Class
    Peace and Black Power Family,
    Welcome to the Black Survival and General Civilization Class hosted weekly by the National Minister of Defense of the Black Riders Liberation Party Min King Samir Shabazz broadcasting live weekly on Do Tha Knowledge Radio. This class we will be dealing with a degree of Black survival and general civilization class. This series is designed for those among us who seek to prepare themselves for the inevitable task of emergency preparedness emergency response and survival against the harsh conditions and demands associated with living off the grid. Join us every Wednesday at 1:30pm PST 3:30pm CST 4:30pm EST. Call in live to phone number 515-605-9360 and press 1 with your questions and comments. Here is the link to listen remotely: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dothaknowledgeradio/2017/04/19/min-king-samir-shabazz-black-survival-general-civilization-class

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    Get your red-hot neuroscience (and consciousness) advice right here!

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    It's back! BEabove Leadership's semi-annual neuroscience, consciousness and coaching advice show. Bring us your biggest challenges and we'll see if we have any helpful advice, based on what we understand about the brain. Open to coaches, leaders and curious people in general. Call in with questions or send them in advance to ann@beaboveleadership.com. 

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    Author Geneen Roth & Gangaji Talk Food, Body Image & Self-acceptance

    in Self Help

    Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought you looked too fat or too thin? Does the way you feel in your body ever feel frustrating or even intolerable? This month Gangaji is joined by author Geneen Roth. She is known to millions by her New York Times #1 Bestseller Women, Food and God. Together they get at the root of this sometimes painful relationship we have between our self-worth, what we look like and our relationship with food.
    brought to you by VividLife.me

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    Tonight's show will feature our creative genius, Bro. Hakim Bey. Hakim Bey is a Occult Master, philosopher, writer, publisher, SEO Website Designer, Graphic Designer, music producer, Vision Quest Adventurer, founder of Matrix- Five Virtual World
    1. Journal of the Moorish Paradigm - 1000streams.com/jmp
    2. Whole Earth Botanics - wholeearthbotanics.com
    Secret of Secrets - secretofsecrets.info
    Sigil Gear - sigilgear.com
    Matrix- Five a matrix- five.com
    3. 1000 Streams - 1000streams.com
    4. Secret of Secrets - secretofsecrets.info
    5. Sigil Gear - sigilgear.com
    6. SEO Website Masters  - seowebsitemasters.com
    7. Your Coach Hakim - yourcoachhakim.com
    8. Matrix- Five a matrix-five.com
    Brief Bio - Hakim Bey is a Occoulia Master, philosopher, writer, publisher, SEO Website Designer, Graphic Designer, music producer, Vision Quest Adventurer, founder of Matrix- Five Virtual World

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    Animal Chatter! With Kellie and Leah

    in Goals

    Factory farming has an impact on each of us as well as the planet itself.  Once upon a time we pretty much knew where our food came from because we knew the farmer or rancher - or at least we knew who they were. But factory farming came in, under the guise of producing more food more efficiently to feed a growing population, and the family farm became almost extinct.  Over the past several decades more and more people have become more concerned with not only who is growing their food and how far it travels but with how their food is being grown or raised.  Social media has made it more obvious how food is grown in fields and orchards and videos showing animals being raised for food in horrible conditions are shared more and more often.  As a result more organizations like the Humane Farming Association are popping up in an effort to protect the animals and educate the food-buying public.  That's where we're starting today's show!  Stay tuned and see where we end up.
    Thanks so much for listening!  While you're online, please check out www.pathemagazine.com and let us know what you think!