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Will the MSM ever recover from their bogus Mueller probe coverage? How about the democrats and their false claims about President Trump and Russia? The voter in 2020 will make the call on who they believe is best to run the... more

Who will President Trump face in the 2020 election? Do the democrats have any viable candidate?Join us as hash out the pool of democrats who might face President Trump in 2020.

Has Nancy Pelosi lost control of her party? New democrat members of Congress are stepping in it everyday. Will the drift toward socialism continue unabated with democrats?Join us as we look at how democrats are in self destruct mode.

Is Trump derangement syndrome real(TDS) real? Have you ever encountered it during the course of the day? Chances are you have! Join us as we look at an issue democrats and others seem to be suffering 24/7!

Is America winning the drug war? Addiction to opioids is destroying our great nation. Are we doing enough as a nation to fight this scourge? Join us as we take a closer look at this issue.

With recent stories concerning alleged race crimes, is the media doing their job by uncovering the facts? Is the media actively promoting conflict? Join us as we break down the media hype.

Join us as we discuss why President Trump will win again in 2020. Democrats have no viable candidate to run against President Trump. Americans support putting America first in trade and other foreign affair matters! Call us and join the... more

What will the democrat party look like a year from now? Will they continue their march into the abyss? Do they have a future with Nancy Pelosi? Join us as we take a closer look at the democrat slide to the far left.

Is the media floating deeper into the abyss? The last several days of fake news has been quite a circus. Will honest reporting ever return? Join us as we discuss the media 's role in stirring the pot.

The deep state has been in overdrive in a quest to remove President Trump. Can President Trump counter these shenanigans? Join us as we address how the deep state is continuing to disrupt the nation.