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How long before America collaspes from the weight of corruption of the Biden/Harris regime? The will of the American people has been thwarted. What now? When our election system is compromised, it's just a matter of time before... more

The Democrats and their media accomplices have compromised our great Republic. Stolen elections and censorship is just the beginning of the Democrat criminal agenda. What can the average decent American do about this tyranny?... more

Will the GOP confront the massive Democrat election steal? How about the millions of Trump voters who had their votes stolen through Democrat election malfeasance? Can the Republic survive a compromised election? Join us as we... more

Watching the media would put anyone in a state of fear. Whether it's the Covid-19 propaganda or something else, Americans are inundated with false information. How did we get to this point? How do we address this nonsense? Join us as we... more

Are we in danger of losing precious freedoms? Will censorship be the new norm? How about Cororavirus restictions? This is America, land of the free. Join us as we take a closer look at how our freedoms are being challenged by corrupt... more

Did you ever think censorship would happen on a grand scale in America? Big Tech is censoring President Trump's tweets. Why? Censorship has no place in our Republic. Will it stop or intensify? Join us as we take a closer look at what... more

Aren't fair elections the cornerstone of a healthy democracy? The election malfeasance by the Demoocrats must be investigated. Will the Supreme Court save the Republic from this massive Democrat election fraud? Join us as we dig... more

Can President Trump save the Republic? Are the Democrats and their media accomplices going to get away with stealing the election? The most fraudulent election in US history can't go unchallenged. The American people are throughly... more

If we don't rectify this election steal by the Democrats, the Republic is doomed. The media and Big Tech censored major stories like Hunter Biden's laptop. Pertinent information was denied to the public. How does censorship affect our... more

Big Tech's use of censorship is sinister. It is a step into the twilight zone for America. The swamp doesn't care that free speech is dead in America. Conservatives need to maintain a full court press on Big Tech's globalist plan of... more