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How has President Trump's relationship with the media evovled? Is it still a standoff? Or has President Trump won the battle? Join us as we take a closer look at the dynamics at work with the media and President Trump.

President Trump has changed the dynamic of politics in America. Can President Trump maintain his America First agenda? Will the democrats and corrupt media continue their nonsense? Join us as we discuss how President Trump has... more

Have the democrats chosen their nominee? Is Joe Biden their choice? The democrats are in disarray over who should represent them in 2020 election. Does Biden have any chance of defeating President Trump? Join us as we discuss... more

What is it about President Trump that connects with the American people? Can he maintain his popularity for 2020 victory? Join us as we take a closer look at what's in store for 2020 election.

Will AG Barr get to the bottom of the who and why of the origins of the Russian probe? Why were the highest levels of law enforcement in America so compromised? Join us as we look at this issue and the breaking news of the day.

Can China be trusted? The US and China are on a collision course over trade and territory issues. Can the nations come to a compromise? Join us as we delve into US/China relations.

Will the deep state continue to harass President Trump? Is President Trump doing his best in the battle for America's soul? Join us as we take a closer look at what the deep state is up too!

Is the democrat party on the edge of the political abyss? Do Americans see right through their phony agenda? Join us as we discuss how democrats have failed as a party and will lose big time in 2020

Do the democrats actually think reparations talk will win the vote in 2020? How far left will the democrats go? Join us as we discuss how the democrats continue to self-destruct.

Is Joe Biden fit to lead? Can Biden withstand the onslaught of negative media coverage of his behavior toward women? Join us as we discuss the many problems facing a Biden run in 2020.