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President Trump has established a strong bond with the American people. How does he continue to maintain the rapport? How important is social media in this process? Join us as we look at how President Trump has transformed the... more

Lots of questions continue to swirl around what Space Force's function will be to protecting America. Will there be a unified command structure? Who will lead this new agency? Join us as we take a closer look at what America's newest... more

Are democrats aware their party is completely out of touch with political reality? Has the leadership of the party failed? Can Pelosi save the party? What about AOC and others who are gaining traction in the party with their insane agenda?... more

Join us as we discuss how President Trump has transformed the American political landscape forever. Can President Trump maintain his success with the economy and foreign affairs? Can he continue to stay one step ahead of the... more

Why do the democrats continue to lie about President Trump and his record? Do they realize that the future of their party is in question? Will the American people respond to the democrats policy of total misery? Join us as we discuss the... more

How is President Trump continuing to connect with the American people? Is his message of America First still resonating with the nation? Join us as we take a closer look on how President Trump's use of social media is paying dividends.

Is MSM promoting conflict in America? The nonstop bias shown towards President Trump has reached new lows. Can President Trump reason with the media jackals? Join us as we take a closer look at the 90% negative coverage... more

Why do the democrats continue to spew hatred towards President Trump? Why doesn't the media ask the 4 progressive congresswomen about their vile comments about President Trump? Join us as we discuss the disturbing... more

The bought and sold media engage in 24/7 propaganda.Where can one find an independent voice that examines the real issues that affect America?Such a place is found at John B Wells"Caravan to Midnight" Show. Join us as we discuss... more

Are sanctuary cities compromising our safety? Should mayors of sanctuary cities be prosecuted? Join us as we take a closer look of what the impact of sanctury cities has on the overall safety of America.