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  • CUTV News Radio Spotlights Strengths Coach Dustin Rippetoe

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    Tulsa, OK – Dustin Rippetoe was a fitness professional, personal trainer and strength coach. Today, Dustin is a strengths coach, specializing in personal development.
    “No matter who you're coaching, whether it’s in the gym or helping them navigate a health condition, you’re trying to help them find a way for them to do what they need to do for themselves,” says Dustin.
    What’s unique about Dustin is that he actually excels at working with other coaches.
    Drawing on his previous experience as a fitness professional, Dustin says it’s remarkable how much everything comes back to nutrition and good sleep habits: all the things we know that we should be doing to show up for your clients as the best version of ourselves.”
    “Our talents only turn into strengths in relation to other people, so the power of “conversations with consequences” is sacred,” says Dustin. “I take a craftsman approach to my coaching practice. I want to become masterful at coaching and masterful in my conversations.”
    As a personal trainer, Dustin has always understood the importance of inspiration, motivation and discipline, but his strength was tested recently when he needed a kidney transplant.
    “If anything, my kidney disease has given me a crash course in how to unstick yourself,” says Dustin.
    In addition to his other coaching services, Dustin is also a Kidney Koach, a free program he offers to help people navigate this challenging process.
    “Strength has changed its definition for me these past few years,” admits Dustin. “Now it's more of a willingness to be vulnerable.”
    For more information on Dustin Rippetoe, visit www.Dustinrippetoe.com

  • Part 3: CUTV News Radio Spotlights Dr. Cynthia Higgins of Serenity

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    Sarasota, FL – Dr. Cynthia Higgins is the founder of Serenity where she specializes in energy psychology to help her clients release the self-limiting beliefs that have been holding them back from achieving the life they hope to lead.
    Initially a molecular biologist, Dr. Higgins discovered there is less separation between science and spirituality than we might think.
    “I was focused on methodology following it to its logical conclusion,” says Dr. Higgins, “but what happens when logic fails us, and we encounter things we can't explain? It opens us up to the entire realm of spirituality.”
    Today, Dr. Higgins is a traditional psychiatrist with a love for all things alternative.
    “There are things that traditional psychiatry is not willing to explore that people have a hunger to explore,” says Dr. Higgins. “Energy psychology is capable of accessing the unconscious mind to identify all of the unconscious contributions to our limitations. It allows us to see what we need to change, as well as our strengths. In embracing our strengths, we remove the obstacles that stand in the way of our greatness.
    As a speaker, Dr. Higgins is dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional and alternative psychiatry
    “Speaking is my passion,” says Higgins. “As much as I love one-on-one work, I really enjoy educating people. To see the type of changes I'm hoping will happen in the field of medicine, particularly as it pertains to mental health, we really have to shift the paradigm itself. If I can expand our consciousness about who we are and what we're truly capable of it will make a big difference.”
    For more information on Intuitive Services by Serenity, visit www.serenityservicesfl.com

  • Thunder and lightning out of the community. # 1249

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    Family day, pick up the mike.


    in Self Help

    Frank Perino Host
    Suzanne Tarazi-Ferraro Co-Host
    INNERSIGHT Means FREEDOM Advocates for the disabled

  • Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 2210

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    Tonight's special guest is Maralee McLean, author of 'Prosecuted But Not Silenced: Courtroom Reform for Sexually Abused Children.' She's a child advocate, protective parent, domestic violence expert, professional speaker, and author. When Maralee fought to have her daughter taken away from her sexually-abusive father, a court-adopted unproven hypothesis Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) placed gag orders from discussing her case. Mothers trying to protect their children are typically labeled as PAS, and vocal mothers are often punished by the courts, removing their abused children from their custody and mandating that they live with the perpetrator. Since the 1990s, no changes have taken place to stop this practice, and the broken Family Courts system continues to enforce this practice as policy. Now, Maralee fights for children's rights, to change the laws in family courts, and to protect children. She has written articles for the ABA Child Law Journal, Women's E-News and other publications; is with Women's Media Center (WMC), SheSourceExpert and NPEIV (National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence); and is on the RAINN speaker bureau and All-American Speakers. She organized a National Rally of Mothers at the Colorado State Capitol and has been involved in legislative work that spans over two decades. She testified before Congress to promote judicial accountability to better protect sexually-abused children's rights in our courts. Maralee's story has been covered by many media outlets and internationally on CNN.

  • DJ KBA- Wu Affiliates Mixtape Vol.2

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    DJ KBA- Wu Affiliates Mixtape Vol.2
    Peace and Black Power Family,
    Welcome to another episode of Do Tha Knowledge Radio. The place where Knowledge is Born. I am your host Knowledge Born Allah. Today we celebrate life art and hip hop music the beast of the east who lyrically destroyed tracks and mics.These microphone fiends changed the lyrical landscape of the industry. Enter the WU Affiliates Chamber Join us Friday 11:30PM EST. Call in to phone number 929-477-1755 and press 1 with your questions or comments. Here is the link to listen remotely: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/dothaknowledgeradio/2019/08/24/dj-kba-wu-affiliates-mixtape-vol2

  • Godly Communication - Conflict Resolution and Setting Boundaries

    in Relationships

    According to author Dr. Steven Haymon, Ed.D, compromising is a good instrument in resolving differences, but all concerned have to be vested in achieving an amicable result - a win-win. "Conceding" is a word we don't like, he explains, because it tends to be preceived as weakness, but those of us who are followers of Christ know it is a way of life.
    Join Partners in Health and Biz talk show host Gail Dixon-McBride as we learn the tools to effective Godly communication, conflict resolution and the importance of setting boundaries.
    Call into the studio with your questions and/or comments: 347-945-7433.

  • Nick BigRed Parker & Mrs NyGee of Hostile Therapy Part 2

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    Mr Nick BigRed Parker & Mrs NyGee of Hostile Therapy Show enjoy another fun Filled & informative segment with Bobby McGirt Host of The McGirt Show Global Media (619)-924-0898

  • Introduction to The Coaching Experience with TeKeisha Show

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    TeKeisha Wade will be talking about the show and what to expect. Please join us. We want to celebrate with you.

  • DJ KBA- Black Solidarity Saturday Mix

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    DJ KBA- Black Solidarity Saturday Mix
    Peace and Black Power Family,
    Welcome to another episode of Do Tha Knowledge Radio. The place where Knowledge is Born. I am your host Knowledge Born Allah. This is Solidarity Saturday and we are bringing forth the alchemical soul sounds of his Majesty DJ KBA. Join us live on Do Tha Knowledge as we usher in a place where African sprituality and RBG warriors meet. Call in live family to phone number 929-477-1755 and press 1 with your questions or comments. Here is the link to listen remotely: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/dothaknowledgeradio/2019/08/25/dj-kba-black-solidarity-saturday-mix

  • Shift Everything 2019: August 4th Sunday

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    We're Elevating, Ascending and Transforming for this Mastery Year of Vision, Ascension & Quantum Manifestation by answering the call to. . .SHIFT EVERYTHING using lessons from A Course In Miracles each month!  SUBSCRIBE To The Channel for Special Public Broadcast and join http://ReBirthSunday.eventbrite.com to receive Private Invitations to special classes. We are an Interfaith gathering of women from ALL Walks of Life. 
    You are welcomed to join your sisters who are also growing forth in Feminine Wisdom EVERY Sunday at 8amEST to receive from the power of sacred women who are PRAYING, affirmatively, sharing and being transformed by the renewing of our mind! 
    8am Too Early? Consider this:  If you are inconvenienced by early morning, think about "the conveniences of life" that are costing you by NOT attending to them. SELAH!! YOU are an important part to The Spiritual Equation!  Lover Offerings accepted:  REBIRTHSundayOffering