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Theres a U in Success

There's a U in Success!


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YOU and YOUR definition of Success - that's what matters. Let's talk about the Elements of Success - Confidence, Communication, Attitude, Changes, Goals, and Leadership - and how you can apply them...today...right now...and achieve that life of your dreams! Featuring KICKs - weekly wallops of wit and wisdom - and monthly interviews with successful people sharing their stories and tips for success.

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Movin' on from upsets can be easier said than done. In this episode, Debbie discusses ways to get yourself out of a mental mess and onto the brighter present moment where your life is happening. Don't miss another minute of your fantastic... more

That little kid of yesterday had big dreams and goals. Where are those plans now? Did they come to life or are they on a dusty old shelf far off in the attic? Listen in to this segment of There's a U in Success and hear how to dust 'em off... more

We all do it - every minute of every day - thinking, that is. What's going on in that mind of yours? Positive, self affirming thoughts helping you have a great day, or the other kind that get stuck in there making you see the down side of... more

Debbie shares another of her KICK messages from her Soapbox blog, this one in defense of Pollyanna's. Hear ways to change your thinking from the negative to the more positive with simple, everyday methods. Keep moving... more

Debbie Lousberg, host of There's a U in Success!, shares one of her weekly KICKs - a wallop of wit and wisdom - about how we make mountains out of molehills and hold ourselves back from pure, free-flowing success! She... more

Assumptions made, great ideas lost, feelings hurt...all workplace situations that occur everyday because of poor communication. When the simple act of "asking the next question" would make all the difference, most people stop the... more

Hearing Loss is more common than you think. It has no regard for age or profession; your coworkers, clients, and friends may be suffering silently with it as they move through their workday. Learn more about this "invisible disability"... more

Why can't we all just get along?! Because we're different and then unable to figure out how to reach one another effectively. Tune in to hear the generational differences described and ways to have break-through communication... more

We live in a world of high-tech, hand held conveniences, up-to-the minute information and instant contact. It no longer matters what we're wearing, how cheery or clear our voices sound, if our hair is combed or if we have our contacts... more

After many years of participating in and observing the workplace, I've come to the conclusion that success boils down to one thing - effective communication! Whether dealing with career transition, getting what you and your team want, or... more