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Theres a U in Success

There's a U in Success!


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YOU and YOUR definition of Success - that's what matters. Let's talk about the Elements of Success - Confidence, Communication, Attitude, Changes, Goals, and Leadership - and how you can apply them...today...right now...and achieve that life of your dreams! Featuring KICKs - weekly wallops of wit and wisdom - and monthly interviews with successful people sharing their stories and tips for success.

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Is that what you tell yourself every day? Me either. Some days we need a little reminder about what there is to appreciate about ourselves - those talents, skills, passions, that unique perspective and ways of doing things only the way we... more

Having a bad day? Doe is it really have to be the WHOLE day? Why not just bad "moments", if you must? The more practice we put into changing our thinking toward the positive, the less time we spend thinking things are "bad". How about... more

How about starting a tidal wave of kindness, positivity, and appreciation? A simple gesture can cause a gigantic ripple, moving throughout the day and into the lives of people you've never even met! YOU make a difference! Amazing,... more

Ever feel like good fortune flows to others more often than to you?? Ever feel that little twinge of envy creep into your thoughts? Remembering there is no lack of abundance in this big old world of ours can turn thoughts of envy into... more

Your personal power - are you in control of it every day? Or giving it away to certain people in authority or with button-pushing personalities? It happens to all of us. We defer to someone else because we momentarily forget our own... more

What are you waiting for? Got something you'd love to do, see, or be? Then do it now! At least take steps toward it right now. Even baby steps get you closer to living the life you most desire. Tune into this episode and hear about "eating... more

The way we think about things reflects out into our experiences. What's your wallet saying about your thoughts regarding abundance? Neat and orderly or messy and disorganized? Is what you want flowing easily and effortlessly... more

Time to let it go, move on and take the gift of experience with you. Tune in to hear about the importance of forgiving your own past mistakes so you can live fully and joyfully in the present.

In this There's a U in Success episode, Debbie talks about the decision to walk from something that seems "perfectly good" into the realm of possibility where more meaningful, bigger, better success dwells. Hear ways to evaluate that... more

What are you saying when you talk to yourself? Positive, uplifting, and powerful words??? Or negative, self-deflating, unkind words??? How you talk to yourself is how you show up in the world...AND others pick up on it and treat you... more