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Conversations That Heal

Conversations That Heal


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Be inspired by these 15 minute healing conversations that will help you to discover how to make the decision to overcome childhood trauma, develop self-love and live a life of peace and joy. Host Susan Jacobi will share strategies for living your life out of self-compassion & learning while applying self-love in your everyday life.

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You are the creator of your habits, whether they are healthy or toxic. Some are learned as far back as childhood. Others are developed from intentional awareness. You have the power to dictate how they will command your life.... more

Talking about the impact of your trauma is critical to your healing. Not releasing the feelings leads to further isolation, shame and fear. Healing is messy. It's not the speaking of the event that is the problem. It is that it actually happen. Join... more

Are you curious to how living your life feeling worthy would look like? Feel like? How would you improve the quality of your life if you knew you were, without a doubt, a capable and lovable human being? Feelings of unworthiness is an... more

Isolation is part of the human experience. The difference is the degree in which we choose to isolate ourselves. Isolation shows up as simple as taking a shower to major depression that has you under the covers of your bed for days.... more

Giving yourself permission to open your heart to receive love puts you in a vulnerable position. As a human being that is what we are designed to do… receive and give love. Do you give yourself the gift of love? Or do you close... more

Do you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? It is almost impossible not to live this life without avoiding some form of trauma. While there are many scenarios to diagnosing it, there are tools you can use to manage it. Controlling... more

Are you ready to release your shame? Choosing to tell your story is a strong tool to taking back your power. The biggest obstacle in sharing your history is overcoming the shame trapped in it. Be gentle with yourself and honor your... more

Only you can answer this question. Maybe you are too emotionally absent to answer it. Do you find yourself facing emotionally barriers that prevent you from living your life in integrity? You do have the luxury available to you to make the... more

Can you hold your boundaries and remain vulnerable? Do you want to? Are you curious? Both are about self-love and self-trust. By birthright, you are more than worthy of both. Your host, Susan Jacobi, a thriver after childhood abuse, knows... more

Pain. We have have been there… you fall and hurt your knee. You have a headache. Pain created by words that destroy your inner confidence, cutting through all what you thought you were or wanted to be. Add the childhood pain... more