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Conversations That Heal

Conversations That Heal


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Be inspired by these 15 minute healing conversations that will help you to discover how to make the decision to overcome childhood trauma, develop self-love and live a life of peace and joy. Host Susan Jacobi will share strategies for living your life out of self-compassion & learning while applying self-love in your everyday life.

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Do you feel like giving up? Like throwing in the towel? What if the emotional pain that is bringing you to your knees is the key to introducing a new mindset that helps to set you free? Your host, Susan Jacobi, a thriver after childhood abuse,... more

Boundaries represent an announcement to yourself and the world that you love yourself, respect yourself enough that you control what or who comes into your physical life and mind. They are a powerful and healing tool to use on your... more

Why is acknowledging your past important? Healing from childhood trauma has many pieces. Acknowledging your past is one of them. Processing your truth allows you to open up to self-love including self-compassion and living a life... more

Exactly what is self-love? How does it show up in everyday life? What does it feel like and what's the outcome of applying self love into your life or not? Here are concrete examples of self love that you can introduce into your life and body... more

Giving yourself permission to open your heart to receive love puts you in a vulnerable position. As a human being that is what we are designed to do… receive and give love. Do you give yourself the gift of love? Or do you close... more

Is your heart broken? Maybe it's not. Maybe it is and you have chosen not to acknowledge it. You are breaking your own heart by limiting your possibilities, betraying yourself and abandoning yourself. You and only YOU can heal your... more

Bringing awareness into your life to know there are possibilities to live differently takes courage, commitment and curiosity. Are you ready to make the change by reconnecting to your inner spirit? Returning guest, Jenean Zunk is an... more

Where do your core beliefs originate? Do they come from family values? Childhood trauma? Are those beliefs embedded in your physical body creating dis-ease? You have the power to create core beliefs that serve your higher self.... more

Are you living your life based on your family values or are you living your life created by your values? Often your values and character traits are similar to your family structure. Declaring your values and character traits is where you set your... more

How you choose to respond for any situation will directly transform your world. Understanding your emotional blocks supports you getting unstuck and moving through your limitations. Returning guest Jenean Zunk is a Spiritual Living Coach... more