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Philosophy, politics, and economics from a pro-individual view.

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A BTR host and sharp mind, African Warlord X, was kind enough to do a show with me.

We'll be finishing up our series on anarchist ethics this evening by completing an essay I started last episode. This will lead us into next weekend's topics of panarchism (anarchist legal order) and panarchist synthesis (non-monopolized,... more

In the previous two episodes we defined a coherent ethical theory that was mutually inclusive of both deontological ethical theories and consequentialist ethical theories, but distinct from either. We also briefly spoke about pragmatic... more

Last night we explored 3 ethical theories and broke down how all them were incomplete without the others in predicting human behavior and universally accepted moral results. We pieced together a coherent ethical (moral) theory... more

We're going to discuss the non-aggression axiom, utilitarianism, ethical egoism, natural law, natural rights, deontological perspectives, and consequentialist perspectives. Join me to understand how to apply these principles correctly to... more

Doing a show with a guy I met tonight named Rick...freestylew, see where it goes.

I answered a question that asked "Which country or countries are closest to the epitomy of 'anarchy' today?" I want to share that answer with you tonight. The default answer by almost everyone was Somalia, which isn't correct. But this is... more

After trying to explain to an irrational person the mere possibility Ron Paul MIGHT not win the Republican nomination, I decided to do a show to explain to other Ron Paul supporters what needs to be done to advance the cause... more

Finishing up this one fallacy in economics, the externality fallacy, so that we can move off the strictly economic topics for now. I have another set of them, but haven't finished the blog yet, and will move onto other topics for a while at the... more

We are going to explain why externalities (like pollution) are no excuse for statist interventions in the free markets in most cases. If you ever wondered how society could live without massive widespread regulation, tune in, I'll explain.
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