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Pro-Individual: Anarchist Ethics II

  • Broadcast in Politics



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Last night we explored 3 ethical theories and broke down how all them were incomplete without the others in predicting human behavior and universally accepted moral results. We pieced together a coherent ethical (moral) theory based up the totality of them all, and showed how it could accurately predict human behavior in both moderate and extreme circumstances.

Tonight we will continue on the topic of ethics, exploring a simple axiom on which to build a total philosophy. We'll also attempt to define a state (a compulsory government, as opposed to a voluntary government), minarchy (a small state), panarchy (voluntary government), and anarchy (self government). We'll also identify the ideologies or philosophies that accompany these forms of government.

If we have time we'll begin to speak about how we can ethically justify the transition from today's statist world to a world where anarchy (or panarchy) become the norm. If we don't have time, we'll discuss this, and the connected topics of panarchism (or pan-anarchism) and panarchist synthesis (or pan-anarchist synthesis), on the next show sometime later in the week or next weekend.

All of these essays are going to be included, in some form, in an upcoming self published book written by me.

Join us in chat or on the phone to ask questions, give comments, or levy criticisms...all are welcome.