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Weird Wednesday- Just when you think you heard everything

  • Broadcast in News
Theresa J Morris

Theresa J Morris


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 Every day the News gets crazier then the day before.  Sadly not in a good way. Many  people here in Hawaii don't have TV, not even a radio.They are cut off from the news  because of that.  The main place people get some news is at the health foof store.  I am sure people think Hawaii is the place to party. It is for the people that like to drink and do drugs. 

     If you go to the health food store you will see most people either cannot afford clothes or just don't want to wear any. People here wear as little as they can. But then again the the biggest nude beach here is being affected by the Larva.  Not sure they even know what underwear  or a bra means. The people that say they are living off the grid - usaually don't shower much. So I am sure you understand what that means. Many woman here don't shave all their bodies hair either. Not that bothers me but I know it does many men. 

   I don't care where you are someone is smoking weed. If you talk to people here they like to hug and kiss. But watch out for that flying tongue. Here  on the news someone getting shot, drowned or bitten by a shark  weekly. There are many hit and runs. Then once every few months there is an escape prisioner on the run.   

   If that is not bad enough. They still are spraying chemtrail every other day. That mixed with the Vog - fumes from the volcano is pretty toxic. When the wind is blowing right it blows it to the other Islands as well. Lucky the GEO THERMAL has been covered with larva. Except the one place that was originally used for fracking is now erupting. It has taken over 12 miles of Hawaii. It is building  new Island in the ocean. If you go to where people were living a few month ago you would see something that looks like the moon.