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    Introduction to Renting for profit talk radio

    in Real Estate

    Rentingforprofit.com has been online now for 18 months and already we have seen some amzing changes in the vacation rental industry.
    Whether the changes are driven by economy, legislation or simply the wants and needs of your prospective guests, we are here to help guide you through the pitfalls and minefileds of the vacation rental industry.
    With over 35 years combined experience in the property rental industry, Heather Bayer and Mike Bayer (mother and son and co-founders of Rentingforprofit.com) will present a half hour of interviews, industry highlights and service/agency reviews that will help you to be more successful at renting for profit! 

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    DYWD 016: Renting Wedding Dresses

    in Health

    Renting the perfect Wedding dress: How to Choose and where to find it in Vegas. Parallel between Dance Costuming & Wedding Gowns. Everything you need to know about dressing up yourself & Renting a Dress. How dance experience and understanding of movement helps dress a bride. Dianne Schiller, former dancer, dance instructor and owner of Renta-Dress & Tux Shop.

    The post DYWD 016: Renting Wedding Dresses appeared first on Sophia in Sapphire.

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    in Automotive

    how to find a and know what to look for by renting a limousine

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    Renting A Chair-Beauty Salon

    in Fashion

    I'm going to talk about the pros and cons to renting out your own station at a beauty salon!

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    The Rat Race of Renting

    in Real Estate


    Attn: Richmond, Henrico & Chesterfield areas.Get out of the rat race of renting. Yes, It's possible to own your very own home. Smitty Smith has helped countless people obtain the keys to their dream home using POWER Grants for their down payment. Check out a few testimonials

    Listen and learn how you can receive FREE information on obtaining up to $50,000 in POWER Grants - Giving You the POWER !



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    Real Estate buyers beware of Renting back to some Home Sellers

    in Business

    Buyers Beware When Renting Back To Sellers at Paris911.com at RE/MAX of Santa Clarita CA by Paris911

    There comes a time when a buyer needs to take a step back and make sure what they are going to agree to is worth it in the end.

    There are things that buyers need to consider before renting back to the sellers of the property they are buying. How are the sellers, how are their finances, do they have good credit - I know this sounds silly, but some of these questions need to be asked, depending on the seller.

    Imagine having to evict the previous property owner because you decided to rent back the property to them?

  • magar hour mind cleaning sessions pt 454

    in Social Networking

    we work on tom preps after the ogry at the trump trap house with sex mouth 
    call tom preps just go this ss card stolen and now apparnlty is renting condos in miami under the alias mr condom
    call in and help us nail down this effin sob tom preps for his sins against the almighty magar
    we call you and bite you poop em!
    347 215 7638

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    Ron Siegel Radio Network August 25, 2015

    in Real Estate

    Ron Siegel of Anaheim Hills CA, Eric Anderson of Anaheim, CA and Lisa Lewis of Anaheim Hills, CA discuss: current events, financial markets, politics, and even poking fun at the rest of the media in a live radio broadcast from Anaheim CA on ESPN and NBC Talk Radio. 

    Ron, Eric and Lisa discuss: What Role Does The Mounted Police Fill; Are Horses Really Police Officers; What Do the Horses Do When Not On Patrol; Americans are now renting 6 years before buying there first home, study finds; Don’t Get Caught In The Renter’s Trap; Recent Stock Market Losses Cause Many to Doubt that the Fed Will Raise Rates; Mortgage Minute; Your Credit Matters; Real Time Real Estate; Word on Wealth; The SLT will Provide a Complementary Real Estate Action Plan (R.E.A.P.) Semi-Annually, and so much more.

    Ron Siegel, consumer advocate and mortgage lender, discusses anything that affects the roof over your head, your bank account or other items that will benefit you / your family.

    Reach Ron at                  

    ·         800.306.1990 

    ·         Ron@RonSiegelRadio.com

    ·         www.RonSiegelRadio.com

    ·         Award Winning www.SiegelLendingTeam.com at VIP Mortgage

    ·         Twitter: @RonSiegel

    ·         www.Facebook.com/RonSiegelRadio

  • Computer America - Record360; StudentNest.com; News!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one: Record360.  Shane Skinner, CEO.

    Record360 is the property inspection and asset condition reporting app. For renting, loaning, sharing or simply documenting, Record360 provides high-quality, time-stamped, geo-tagged records of property at time of exchange. Record360 is the essential tool of the sharing economy.


    Hour two: StudentNest.com. Dr. Brad Huff, Vice President for Educational Programs.

    Studentnest.com delivers one-on-one instruction directly to the student's computer. studentnest.com provides live, online math tutoring and standardized assessment for 1st through 12th grade. By utilizing present day Internet technologies, studentnest.com replicates the real world personal tutoring scenario online. The tutor and the student have two-way audio conversation using a hands-free headset with microphone, hooked up to their respective computers. They share the same electronic whiteboard, and exchange questions and answers in writing, which are displayed on both their computer screens. Though they are not physically sitting face to face, a real time one-to-one environment is created, thus making personal tutoring affordable for all American children.



    Hour two: News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities!

    Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities, the Official Optimization Software of Computer America, and answer your computer questions!

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    in Radio

    Man it has been another crazy week in the entertainment world. Drake almost ended Meek music career at his OVO fest this past week. NIcki announces a big surprise during her concert, 50 cent is renting out his mansion to pay for his debt,Chris Brown may lose his daughter, and the NFL preseason has offically begun. Tune in as we have much to talk about. The hosts will blow your mind with the exclusive news they have this week!!

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    The Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe 8 4 15

    in Business

    Airs Tuesday @ 9p CDT on BOCI.  Click Here to listen: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/businessovercoffee/2015/08/05/the-real-estate-mortgage-shoppe-8-4-15. 

    Got Property you want to rent out as an investment? You're renting now, but you really want to own a piece of America? Saw a mortgage at a dirt cheap rate and 
    you need to finance it? Mortgage Expert, Jo Garner is the answer for all of your real estate & mortgages scenarios. Special guest, Phillip Kemp, Reed & Associates
    of TN, LLC, an experienced property management and broker. Plus: Memphis Trivia. JOIN US TONIGHT!  "REAL ESTATE-HOW DO I SELL IT, RENT IT-FINANCE IT?"