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Your Teenage Child Talks Back To You - What Should You Do About It?

  • Broadcast in Women
Host Naimah Latif

Host Naimah Latif


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Disrespect: rudeness; impoliteness; lacking in courtesy to elders.  Out of politeness comes respect. But when we have children that are used to being rude in speech to others as a part of the culture, that rudeness grows into disrespect, for parents, teachers and elders in general. How did we allow this kind of behavior to evolve in our culture? Too many mothers allow their children to speak to them as if they are peers, too many mothers have raised their children in households where there were no fathers present, too many mothers had children when they were still in their teens and the child was raised in the house with the mother's mother, as if their own mother was just another sibling in the house; too many children were raised in households where adults cursed each other, called each other bad names and demonstrated disrespect for each other on a daily basis. Children imitate what they see in their homes. So what do you do if your child curses at you and your child is bigger than you? Can you still spank them for disobedience? What do you do if your child ignores you when you're talking to them and your child is bigger than you? Can you still slap them for insolence? What if your child defiantly says they refuse to do as you have asked, and they're bigger than you, but they are only 15 years old? Can you kick them out of the house? What happens when you, the parent, realize you have lost control of your child, and your child is still a child? Who do you call? How do your teach respect to a teenager who has been conditioned to disrespect you?