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    Are Your Raising a Teenager? Help Your Teen Thrive with Life Skills Training!

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    Are you raising a teenager, or a soon to be teenager? Is he/she prepared for the real world?

    How much would you love your teenager to become an adult and thrive? Totally, right? 

    Discover a simple way to train your teenager for success with the help of today's guest - Lisa Timms. Through her own personal parenting journey, Lisa discovered the importance of teaching children, especially teenagers life skills. 

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    Teenager Runaways

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    No teenager ever aspires to become homeless or without parents and other love ones, running from the very people who were supposed to care and protect them. However, 1.6 to 2.8 million teens runaway from home each year, according to the National Runaway Switchboard. Many of these teenagers are abused sexually, physically and emotionally. They run for safety but instead end up fleeing right into an abyss of dangerous predators seeking vulnerable youth who only yearn for the comfort of a caring body.

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    Virginity & the teenager...how to talk to them featuring guest Heather Hatton

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    Let's talk candidly about sex and today's teenager. Talking about sex with your teen today is more critical than ever before. Most parents avoid the conversation all together because of the awkwardness of the subject matter and the fact that they would like to see their teen be their baby forever never factoring in that one day they would experience sexual intercourse. How do you or how did you talk to your children about their bodies and sex? Call Ms. Mary, Saunta James & Wil the tech guy with your comment!

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    Help Your Juvenile Delinquent Teenager Create a New Identity

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    Judge Frank Szymanski is a juvenile Court Judge in Detroit, elected to serve in one of the busiest juvenile court’s in the nation. Responsible for hearing cases of juvenile delinquency (crime) and parental neglect and abuse. Duties include case supervision for rehabilitation of neglectful and abusive parents and some of the most dangerous and troubled youth in America. While the court is known as the juvenile court, JUDGE FRANK refers to it as the COURT OF TRANSFORMATION and employs the principles of IDENTITY DESIGN to spur personal remodeling of individuals whose challenges bring them to court. 

    Even your worst behaved teenagers have a chance for success. Judge Frank is the founder of the IDENTITY DESIGN PROGRAM with the 760 MAD MINUTE PLAN, an inter active course of personal development offered to promote the ability to design the identity you need to get the life you want. The promotion of productive, successful, generous and joyful living.  http://www.askjudgefrank.com

    Find Judge Frank and 30 other experts and specialists who can help you at http://www.ccflglobalacademy.com 

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    A Teenager In Modern Day Society

    in Radio

    Disscutions of the supernatural, the paranormal, and government.

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    LIVE! with Cathi-"A Remarkable Teenager"

    in Current Events

    HEADLINES...'Malala celebrates 16th birthday with United Nations Address."
    Malala is the Pakistani teenager shot by the Taliban for promoting education for girls.    Was the shooting in the name of Allah!
    Malala celebrated her 16th birthday by demanding in her first public speech since the attack, that World Leaders provide free compulsory schooling for every child!
    Her impassioned speech from the podium at the United Nations to more than 1,000 youth leaders from over 100 countries called for....
    Malala called for...etc.
    Books and pens are...etc.
    Education is the...etc.
    The attack was to...etc.
    Malala's ambition is to...etc.

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    A Simple Way to Prepare Your Teenager for Life!

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    You can have fun sharing in the learning experience as you engage with your teens. Rest assured that Wendy works hands on with parents and organizations teaching them how to use the Get.in the.Game program. 

    You will love the fact that there are over 30 long-term projects and short-term activities that span five categories of skills: Me & My Career, Me & Money, Me & My Space, Me & Society and Me & Wellness.

    If you are a teacher or educator you will be thrilled to use their unique Service Learning program: “EntreGivers”, which Wendy can implement and/or facilitate at schools and organizations. In 2014-2015 EntreGivers will be used under a state funded grant to help youth with status offenses “right their wrongs” (they broke the law) and grow into a community-minded person.

    The Get.in the.Game program:

    • Encourages families to work together side-by-side 
    • Helps to heal the relationship between you and your child or student 
    • Equips your teenager with the necessary life skills that will allow them to succeed 
    • All of the research and organization has been done for you by experts
    • Allows you to be confident that your teenager will be prepared for life
    • Saves you time, energy, money and frustration 

    You will be amazed to learn Wendy’s personal journey. From overcoming low self-image to losing her father in a plane crash when she was extremely young. 

    CCFL Global Academy - A world-wide humanitarian movement to heal, unite and empower families and communities, equipping them with the necessary tools to strengthen individual standards, ethics and values while, together, raising the next generation. 


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    Co-Parenting: How Do You Steer Your Teenager Away From Negative Influences?

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    Parents have a great challenge ahead of them when their children reach teen years. Teenaers reprewsent a consumer market and not all of the companies that wish to corner that market have the best interest of the teen at heart. Birth control companies wish to profit from heightened sexual arousal in teens and sell condoms in high school. Music producers wish to profit from teens and promote entertainers with the "gangster" persona that appeals to young people seeking identity, acceptance and belonging.  So what happens when your teen desides to "follow the crowd" and begins to project that rebellious, disrespectful attitude? How do both parents come together, even if they are living apart, and stop the cycle of self destruction before it's too late? Professionals in social work, entertainment, and education discuss what it takes to intervene in the life of a teenager headed in the wrong direction.

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    The psychology of the TEENAGER...

    in Lifestyle

    The teenager has to be the most misunderstood human being on the face of the earth. It's as if parents forget what it was like to be a teenager raging with hormones and fighting for independence. Let's talk it out with Ms. Mary & Dr. Janet!

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    PIJN News: Christian Student Saved from Shooting by God’s Books

    in Religion

    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    * A teenager defies atheist groups by saying “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance.
    * The right to pray in Jesus’ Name is restored in North Carolina.
    * A Christian student is saved from a school shooting by God’s books.

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    High School Teenager Wrongfully Convicted: Putnam County Georgia

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    Visit Blog For Updates: http://justice4damieanwicks.blogspot.com/

    Donate To Damiean Wicks Legal Defense Fund:  http://www.youcaring.com/other/legal-defense-fund/241199?utm_source=widget

    Sign Petition To Investigate Case: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/attorney-general-olens?source=c.em&r_by=595972

    In February of 2013, Damiean Wicks was falsely arrested on two counts of aggravated assault. In May of 2014, Damiean was tried, convicted and sentenced (all on the same day), by Judge Hugh V. Wingfield, III. His sentence is 2 - 20 year terms which run concurently. Damiean must serve 7 years behind bars and 13 years on porbation. 

    This young high school student's life has been unjustly interrupted. Damiean maintained part time jobs while in high school and was scheduled to graduate during the spring of the year. He did not graduate as he was falsely arrested. Damiean Wicks is innocent. He was scheduled to graduate from high school in the spring of 2013, but he sat in jail on trumped up charges. The first attorney accepted his grandmother's hard earned money and told her in court that he would not go against his friends of 20 years to request a bond reduction. There was no evidence to convict Damiean Wicks of this crime

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