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Your unscripted podcast about nothing and everything! So, tighten up your laces and press play!

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When you Google Ojo(evil eye)l American culture. According to the superstition, this illness results from the perception that some people possess innate strength, the power to harm those without this advantage? I think, I gave myself this... more

I pull Micheal out of the box to have a serious movie discussion. We discuss one the best silent movies of all time, then get into the TDMReview of Netflix' BRIGHT!!!! Michael makes some crazy connections that never even crossed... more

Politics, Food, and Confessions?! TDMR on Politics? Oh, shit, where is this going to go. Then we touch on our Favorite Topic, FOOD!!! Ms.DASH, is the Best Seasoning ever!!!!!! Then Lalo tells us the shameful thing that he does with a... more

Here is my first attempt at ASMR. Why? Back in the winter of 2016, ASMR got me through some sleep problems. Now, I'm ready to give back to the community that helped me. You can contact TDMR at TDMRpodcast@gmail.com or on Twitter... more

The #1 underground indie podcast is back in full force!!! We get really personal with this episode, we share our goals for the ourselves and for the podcast. After all that we get into my Deepest Darkest Fear!!!!! This fear would keep me up... more

So, I was hurt at work and wasn't able to record last week nor I was able to put one together on time due to my injuries. SOOOooOOooo, I'm here by myself so, let's test things out and Read Twitter Moments!!! I have lots of Ideas and... more

It's finally here the Spoiler Filled Review of StarWars the Last Jedi !! I know, there has been Reviews and Spoiler even before the Film came out but there hasn't been a TDMR review. I bring Michael in and we discuss everything about the... more

2018 is here and it's been 6 months of TDMR!! We're out lasted a tonne of podcast that started in 2017. Let's see, how far, we can go! With the New Year comes the NEW YEAR RESOLUTION!!! I can promise that TDMR will out last... more

Dublin Vintage Cola and Complete Cookie review! Christmas Decorations, Song's, and Traditions. Haunting Story. 2017 reflection. 2018 goals Remember, If you are wondering what TDMR stands for, we're working on the 50k listen challenge to... more

Candy! It's so good! Do you have a candy combination that you love but your friends think its nasty, let us know! Would you like to have a Live TDMR? Let us know! How do you say Pecan and Creek? Let us know, too! Oh I did get a steak... more