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Jurassic World 2 Fallen Kingdom Trailer discussion and thoughts on the franchise. The Battle Angel live action adaptation, looks really cool. And Finally a Common Man Reviews Justice League, but why should anyone care? Because it's... more

What is your favorite music covers? What was your favorite Thanksgiving food?Netflix is putting out those mad hits!!!!!!! Godless, the best show since The Punisher, in my opinion but Lalo likes Haters Back Off!!... I don't about all that... more

With everything going on right now, I hadn't had time to record a something good but I promise something is coming :) Thank You for your Patience :P Bungie stop screwing your fanbase ! You can contact TDMR at TDMRpodcast@gmail.com... more

November is here and we ready to eat! Oven Turkey vs Deep Fried Turkey, who wins, who's better! You decide! :P But really, Deep Fried Turkey is so much better and you haven't had any you should YouTube a how to and do it! Cuz it's good... more

Who da hell is that!? It's LaLo! He's back and he's got something to say! Well, he might have a story or two. Oh boy he wants to talk about the Scary Movie episode, he's got something to say about that! We go off subject so many... more

Oh! SNAP! Eddie is back! Where has he been??? Watching some old ass show on Netflix? Running from the PoPo or Hitting the GYM 24/7? We do a SUPER session of ASMR at the end of the show! Everyone Get Ready! Put in your... more

Today, I picked up Chance at a QT, said he was willing to recored a show. We talk about our failed experince in the Destiny 2 Raid even thought it was very fun to do. Micheal brings in the Halloween Scary movie list of ALL TimE! don't... more

I found it!!!!! i wasn't even looking for it. So, i don't know what it's even about... so, Trigger warning... maybe... i should have listen to it before posting it... YOLO!!!! please take a moment to review and 5 star the show on iTunes it would really... more

What is it about life that makes it so interesting? Why does it decide to shit on you at the most inopportune times? Why am i talking about life like it's a person? Damn it all to Hell!!!! Give out some shout outs and dip our toes into the ASMR... more

Yo Yo Yo, TDMR takes over the Middle Aged Nerds Show, ?wink:wink? with an extra special guest!!! You're heard the Legend, Now Listen to the experience of McD, the best underground pro-gamer and indie game studio of one!!!! Michael... more