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Today we thrust from the hip because of Spring Break! We love Spring Break! It had us so distracted! Since we were so busy, we didn't have time for anything, so we sat and talked about culture shock from within the United States. We... more
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You know what we hate most? Buying 18ft of audio cable for $10 only to find out that it doesn't work! The insane rage that I went through! I had to drive back into the city to return and buy another but not from the same store this time I... more

Listeners!!! Fans!!!Reddittors!!! Podcasters!!! Wanna know the Next Podcast you should be listening too? You DO!? You're in the Right Place!!! … But.. Really, I doubt, that anyone really reads these. I wonder if I can Type Some... more

The sounds of Nature by TDMR! living in the boonies has its perks! You can contact TDMR at TDMRpodcast@gmail.com or on Twitter @TDMRpodcast Also, Take a moment to Subscribe, Rate and Review TDMR on iTunes.... more

It's a short notice podcast! We recorded extra early because everything is hectic with all our work schedules. Our podcast Review will either come out later this week or next week, so don't give up! It's coming down the pipe. So, we read... more

I call, Michael, today because it was a busy Sunday for us both and I didn't have time to drive half way across Texas to record with him today. While on the phone we discuss The Solo Re-cut trailer with Beastie Boys soundtrack over it.... more

It's another Reddit Podcast Review! Let me, just say, the podcast redditors, know what they are doing! They know their craft! We get serious for a moment about gun violence. We don't have the answers about what to do with gun control but... more

Today, we have a very very special guest… Rosy! Rosy and I go way way back! She is also Michael's waifu! Now that that is over, we get into the deepest discussion that TDMR has ever had ?Digital or Print books.? Then we discuss... more

The war on Saint Valentine! Bring it back! The Saint on Valentines! For Real, How did that slip by the SJW out there? Bring it back !! Also, we review a few Podcast that submitted there show on Reddit. Talk about some talented people. If you... more

It's another ASMR episode but this time with the ambient sounds of nature. Let's us know if you like this and we'll keep doing making more of these shows here on TDMR. You can contact TDMR at TDMRpodcast@gmail.com or on Twitter... more