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8-Figure Business

Scaling Up To 8-Figures


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Weekly 8-Figure Business proven method strategies for successful entrepreneur women to scale a business to 8-Figures. Build -to-sell and creating generational wealth through businesses.

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Million Dollar Entrepreneurs have identified their brand personalities. It is one of the most important pieces within the Building A Brand Strategy. There are many pieces to building a winning brand, and in this podcast we will identify the 5... more

Mastering the Million-Dollar Entrepreneur Mindset is one of the 8 Areas that apart of my 8-Figure Business Coaching Methods. The first area we must guard and strenghten is our mind. There are 5 areas that my clients work on for scaling... more

Have you been in business for year, but still have not received the financial success you thought you would have received by now? Are you still trying to reach clients each day never knowing what your next move is going to be.... more

Scaling a business can create wealth and it one of the main reasons entrepreneurs start businesses. But taking your business from a start up to positioning the business for sell takes expert advice. Join Victoria and her guest... more

Standing out ahead of all the noise and competition should be a goal of most entrepreneurs that are scaling their businesses towards a million-dollar business. But how exactly do you stand ahead of the competition. The business world is... more

With the average entrepreneur business revenue around $200,000 a year, it's no secret that to scale your business towards a million-dollar business it takes a lot of things. Having the right skills to scale a business and them implementing the... more

In this episode we will discuss 7 keys to higher productivity. Understanding what is required to produce more and to enjoy work more effective will be discussed. It not only about how hard you work, but on what you work hard on and how... more

You've started your business and have been going strong for a couple of years. Now you feel as if you have reached a brick wall and need to decide if you need to change direction or keep moving in the direction. How do you know which... more

Having and understanding your purpose for being in business in a mindset. A million-dollar business mindest goes beyond the financial and understands that an entrepreneur mindset is about understanding the why for being in business.... more

One thing about being in business is knowing and understand the best business model for your business. Not al business models work for each business, the most popular business models that I have used is free, subscription... more